Bankruptcy Success Stories

Creditor questioned charges within 90-120 days of filing Ch. 7. Our attorney contacted the creditor and explained the client’s situation, including his medical and health situation. The Creditor did not object to the discharge or seek a reaffirmation. Client’s debts were discharged.

Chapter 7 filing eliminated a large number of debts the client was left with after a divorce.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy filed in 2005. During the plan client missed mortgage and trustee payments. Our attorney was successful in negotiating these payments, preventing the case from being dismissed for lack of payment. Client’s bankruptcy discharged in April 2010.

Reopened Cases – Our attorney’s have been able to reopen several bankruptcies that were dismissed, which would allow creditors to once again pursue the debtors. Reopening the cases allowed the debtors to obtain a discharge and the creditors prevented from taking action to collect the debts.

Client had a small 2 cab taxi business and a residence the taxi business wasn’t making enough money. A chapter 7 bankruptcy was filed in august of 2007. The assigned trustee believed the taxi business was an asset with equity which he could sell to pay off client’s debts. The trustee started an examination of the client’s business records and hired an attorney to represent the trustee; the client received a discharge on 12 /26/07, but the trustee continued his investigation. After several months, the trustee finally determined the client’s taxi business was of no value, and issued a no asset report on 4/15/08, thereby saving the client’s business.

Our attorney successfully assisted a client file Bankruptcy even though her income normally would have prevented her from discharging her debts in bankruptcy. In this case, her low monthly mortgage payments and her higher income would have resulted in a presumption of abuse and the client not completing her bankruptcy. The attorney and the Bankruptcy team at Steven Mevorah and Associates recommended that the client take a specific course of action that changed the Means-Test and qualify the client for Bankruptcy. Now the client is on her way to having OVER $118,000.00 IN GENERAL UNSECURED DEBTS COMPLETELY DISCHARGED.

Due to a client’s income being above the Illinois median and her low monthly mortgage payments, her Means-Test Calculation showed a presumption of abuse. After consulting with the Firm’s three bankruptcy attorneys, the responsible attorney recommended that the client purchase a “clunker” car that changed the Means-Test Calculation from a presumption of abuse to the presumption of no abuse. Client had over $118,000.00 in general unsecured debts completely discharged.

Credit Card Company threatened to oppose discharge due to the client making almost $4,000.00 in purchases during the three months before filing for bankruptcy. Steven Mevorah & Associates negotiated with the attorney for the credit card company to drop their opposition and let the bankruptcy move forward.

After passage of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 an attorney of Steven H. Mevorah & Associates was successful in getting virtually all of our firm’s client’s Petitions filed before the Act became effective saving each client time and money from taking classes both before and after their petitions are filed.

The majority of bankruptcy cases go smoothly and lack the courtroom drama seen on television. The smoothness a client experiences, however, is the result of preparation and hard work. There are a few cases, though, where surprises will crop up.

In one instance our attorney filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for a couple whose income was in a legal-gray area that put them in the zone between a Chapter 7 (liquidation) and Chapter 13 (partial repayment plan). For clients in this income bracket there is no guarantee that they could proceed as a Chapter 7, but we decided to take a calculated risk. The United States Trustee’s Office raised the issue of filing an objection to the Chapter 7 and forcing the client to convert to a Chapter 13. By knowing the specific circumstances of his clients’ case, the attorney was able to convince the US Trustee’s Office to not file an objection and allow the clients to receive a discharge under Chapter 7. This couple was able to complete the Chapter 7 and not have to repay those debts.

Filing for bankruptcy protection can be a stressful situation and some people feel especially concerned about their reputation. While bankruptcy proceedings are a matter of public record, we have experience with helping clients, including law enforcement officers, self-employed business owners, and medical professionals, in a professional manner. We do everything we can to ensure that the bankruptcy process is as stress free and discreet as possible.

Clients who are self-employed are required to consider additional factors than regular W-2 employees. Even though the client’s business may be incorporated and its own legal entity, the value of the company is a personal asset and the inventory, receivables, and other company assets all need to be considered if the owner is going to file for personal bankruptcy protection. Steven Mevorah & associates has experience helping self-employed people file for personal bankruptcy protection. While every case is unique and bankruptcy might not be the best course of action for you in particular, the firm has helped self-employed truck drivers, electricians, mechanics, and daycare providers, to name a few, successfully file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

There are instances where one spouse may have to seek bankruptcy protection while the other spouse does not. These create unique dilemmas when it comes to analyzing the expenses and assets of the marriage. Our firm has successfully helped clients file separately from their spouses who have been in various stages of their marriages; from newly-wed 2nd marriages, long-term marriages, and in the process of divorce. The bankruptcy court reviews these situations carefully to ensure that people are seeking to abuse the bankruptcy process by loading up debt in one spouse’s name and the assets in the other spouse’s name.

In a Chapter 13 case, where the filer repays some or all of the debt through a structured monthly payment, a filer might be able to discharge some tax obligations or, at least, structure the repayment of tax obligations. In order to ensure that your taxes are properly dealt with, you need to make sure that the IRS has correctly classified your taxes. Steven Mevorah & Associate has worked with the IRS agents to make sure that taxes were classified before we file the clients’ bankruptcy case to ensure that their obligations would be resolved during the course of their Chapter 13 case.


'I would like to thank you and your entire staff for the wonderful job you did in handling my case. You are the best. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends.'
- V. D.

'This legal group gave me fast and efficient handling of both legal cases in which they represented during the year 2013. I would highly recommend these folks to handle any and all legal issues you may have. Thanks again.'
- J. P.

'I contacted the law office back in 2012, when I was going through financial difficulty. Attorney Richard Doerr handled my case and put through a Chapter 13. He was very knowledgeable in this area, and guided me through the whole process. Within that year, I also retired and my financial status changed even more. Attorney Doerr then advised me and led me through the Chapter 7 process. I am very satisfied with the way this case was handled. The office staff were always cordial, and answered the many questions I had. I certainly will call the office again for any other legal matter I may have. Thanks.'
- S. C.

'I was diligently trying to keep up with bill payments, when I fell behind and creditors demanded full payment ASAP. Your Firm showed us a respectable alternative. Thank you.'
- M. S.

'My situation was handled kindly & professionally. This is the second time I have employed Mevorah Law Offices LLC and very highly recommend the associates to anyone that needs expert professional guidance.'
- C. B.

'I want to thank my attorney for listening to me about why I felt I had to file for bankruptcy and for not judging me for it. He instructed what I would have to do, he also knew that I didn't have the money to file and was willing to take payments and as soon as I finished making payments he filed the papers and it was over quickly and painless. I really appreciate that you listened, took appropriate actions, quickly, and never made me feel like a failure. Thank you.'
- D. G.

'I was in a situation where I needed to file bankruptcy. Your firm not only answered all of our questions, but was able to change our filing status (which didn't seem like an option initially.) This made a tremendous impact in my life. With the help of Richard and Stefanie, I am now living debt free and am so grateful for the second chance to be financially responsible!'
- M. O.

'The bankruptcy process is difficult, however out attorney and the staff made it as painless as possible.'
- G. C.

'I am retired and on a fixed income. After I was hospitalized, I was in a position where I could not pay my bills. Your law firm explained my options and every step you would take to help me. My bankruptcy was done with no problems. Thank you.'
- M. J.

'Mevorah and Associates provided excellent legal assistance to me. My appointments were held on time and explanations were provided in advance for all consequences of the action being considered. Richard Doerr is knowledgeable and thorough. The office staff were always helpful with answering questions or taking messages. my experience was positive and their legal solution made it possible for me to stay in my home.'
- D. R.

'Due to an Illness in my family, my husband and I became financially strap, unable to pay our bills. Then it got to a point it became a burden, too much to handle, overwhelming. We search for an bankruptcy lawyer over the internet, close by was law office Mevorah Law Offices. Contact, came for visit, 1st visit, educated on different bankruptcy laws, we decided on your law firm, great choice. My husband and I filed, this has eased a lot of tension and stress. We both thank you for your help in this situation. You are recommend to others. Thanks again.'
- C. S.

'I would like to thank your firm and especially Richard Doerr. It was great working with him and I would recommend him to anyone in need of his services. Thanks again.'
- T. R. & J. R.

'I did not have to do bankruptcy because I couldn't pay bills – I lost $12,000.00 in my income. This firm never made me feel embarrassed or ashamed. I have referred my family and friends to this firm. From the woman that helped me – Sue – to the final court date, I was treated with respect.'
- G. D.

'Steven H. Mevorah & Associates did a very good job, taking care of my Bankruptcy. I couldn't have asked for a better firm. I would recommend your firm to family or friends.'
- D. W.

'We would like to thank Steven H. Mevorah and Assoc. and especially [our attorney] for helping us through a difficult time in our lives. Everyone in the office was very helpful and we will recommend this firm to our friends and family.'
- J. V. & C. V.

'I would like to thank the entire staff, especially [the paralegal on our case]. She was a great help. I have recommended a client already.'
- T. C.

'I feel the services I received far exceeded my expectations for the price I paid. All of my questions were answered promptly and I was always shown courtesy in my dealings with the attorneys and staff. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone in need of assistance.'
- K. V.

'I highly recommend Steven H. Mevorah & Associates for their consistent proficiency, professionalism and outstanding knowledge in the handling of my case. They worked hard and were so organized, which enabled them to use the correct precision in making sure that nothing was omitted. Thank you to [my attorney and his paralegal] for closing my case with an outstanding outcome. I will ALWAYS be grateful, and will recommend Steven H. Mevorah to my friends.'
- A. S.

'I have used Steven H. Mevorah & Associates twice now and they did a great job in both cases. I will definitely recommend them to any family or friend in need.'
- G. M.

'I would like to thank [my attorney and his paralegal] personally for their hard work on my case. They answered all my questions quickly and to the point. I will definitely use your law office for any future issue that I may need. [I] will also recommend you to my family and friends. Thanks again for your excellent service.'
- M. C.

'[We] just wanted to say thanks for a job well done – your staff did a great job as well. It was scary to go through that, but it turned out well. Thanks again.'
- R. U. & V. U.

'Thank you to [my attorney] & the Steven H. Mevorah & Assoc. staff. You helped my husband & I during a hard financial period; get back on track. Thank you again.'
- C. W.

'Thank you very much for all of your help, your staff was great.'
- R. A.

'Steven H. Mevorah & Associates made a difficult situation fast and painless. I truly appreciate their help and expertise. I would definitely recommend their services.'
- M. B.

'I would like to thank [my attorney] with Steven Mevorah & Associates for all my legal needs. He helped me understand options I had with my case. He answered all my questions no matter how big or small. I will definitely use Steven Mevorah & Associates with any future legal needs. Thanks again. You Rock!'
- B. R.

'I would like to thank my attorney for the efficient, timely manner in which he handled my case. He answered my questions and put me at ease. This is the second time I have used Steven H. Mevorah & Associates and would do so again.'
- D. S.

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