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Family Law

b2ap3_thumbnail_Illinois-marriage-laws-300x273.jpgThe concept of family has made an incredible transformation over hundreds of years. The traditional family unit hundreds of years ago painted a portrait of the nuclear family – father, mother, and children – with various layers of familial relatives that supported and encircled the nuclear family. Each nuclear family unit was considered independent and unified, with the responsibilities of each parent outlined according to their specific gender roles and society’s ideals. Flash forward to today’s present and the family norm has transformed from the traditional nuclear family into a various cross-section of familial lifestyles.

The History of Illinois’s Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act

In Illinois, the Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) is the codification of family practices in the state. It was passed in 1977 and attempted to handle the ever-changing relationship between the court system, the law, and the family. Except for minor tweaks, the law, which was written back in 1977, has not been touched in 40 years, and now is the center of a massive overhaul. As part of the overhaul, Illinois set up its own specialized committee, the Illinois Family Law Study Committee, to comb through the IMDMA and make the necessary changes to reflect the new normal now seen throughout Illinois and the United States. Same-sex marriage, which had been codified and took effect on June 1, 2014, was just one of the many issues tackled.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_parental-authority-300x200.jpgTechnology has changed the relationship that kids have with electronic devices and the relationship that parents have with their children’s electronic devices. As technology made surveillance easier and easier, nanny cam’s became part and parcel of a child’s bedroom and playroom. As children get older, cell phones that are given to children are boosted to include apps that provide a child-tracker to ensure that parents know where their children are every minute of every day. Whilesafety is the apparent reason, it seems that more likely than not it is the control provided over children that many parents enjoy.

With nanny cams now set up throughout the children’s environment, increased security and cameras in preschools and K-12 education facilities, and with every child equipped with his/her own cell phone attached with GPS, the question is: what type of privacy rights (if any) do children have?

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Denying-Medical-Treatment-to-Children-300x200.jpgWith the widespread return of disease epidemics spawned by parents not vaccinating their children, the topic of religious exemptions in the medical field has legislators in hot debate. Fundamental rights of freedom of expression are always hot button issues, but what if a fundamental right is harming not only your child, but others as well? Where is the line drawn? And if it harms only your child, is it considered abuse?

Religious Exemptions in Medical Situations

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Child-Support-Non-Payers-300x200.jpgAt the dissolution of a marriage, though the marriage has been broken up, there are still many details that must be resolved. Everything from dividing up the assets to child custody arrangements must be dealt with before each spouse can go on to live separate lives. Each parent, as a result of their relationship with the child from the marriage, has a duty to support the child in aspects of the child’s life such as food, clothing, a home, education, and the provision of the mental, emotional, and physical needs of the child. This is what child support is geared toward, whereby the custodial parent is provided with the financial resources to raise the child. The idea is that but for the divorce, the child would have received the support from both parents as a result of the marriage.

State Mechanisms to Capture Child Support

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b2ap3_thumbnail_incarcerated-parents-300x226.jpgBeing arrested and charged for a crime can have a significant impact on a person’s life, especially when the conviction comes with a long-term prison sentence. It is not only the person, however, who finds themselves the most affected. With the prison population growing in the United States, and roughly 2.2 million prisoners in the U.S. (excluding those who are on probation or parole), the number of people affected by an extended prison sentence includes the prisoner and his or her family, especially when children are involved.

Incarcerated Parents Can Still Maintain Their Parental Rights

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