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Elsliger Practice Areas Divorce Alimony and Maintenance Unallocated Maintenance Child Support College Expenses Special Needs Children and Divorce Parental Responsibility (Custody) Sole Custody vs. Joint Custody Parenting Plans and Visitation Child Relocation Property and Asset Division Retirement, 401k Accounts and Pensions Debt Division Bankruptcy in Divorce Post Decree Modifications Post Decree Enforcement and Contempt Hearings Dissolution of Arranged Marriages Tax Consequences and Divorce Uncontested Divorce Divorce Involving Mental Health Issues or Addictions Divorce and the Stay-at-Home Parent Family Law Adoption Parentage (Paternity) Child Support Allocation of Parental Responsibility (Child Custody) Parenting Time (Visitation) Grandparents Visitation Rights Guardianship Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements Domestic Violence Orders of Protection Legal Separation Alternative Dispute Resolution Success Stories Workers' Compensation Success Stories Testimonials Blog Blended Families – Working Together for the Best Interest of Your Child Divorce Basics – Examining the Major and Most Common Issues in Divorce Negotiating the Family Home in Divorce – Examining the Risks and Potential Pitfalls Hidden Assets and Mediation – What You Should Know Unconventional Family Models After Divorce – Which Option is Right for You? Domestic Violence and Divorce - How an Attorney Can Help You Stay Safe During the Process Mitigating the Financial Risks of Gray Divorce Legal Separation and Child Support - What You Should Know Avoiding Financial Disasters in Late-Life Divorce Parentage in Illinois - Understanding Your Rights, Establishing Paternity, and Child Support Issues Illinois Law Protects the Jobs of Domestic Violence Victims Understanding the Risks of Complex Divorce Illinois Family Law Appeals - Fighting Back Against an Unfavorable Ruling in Your Illinois Family Law Case Hague Convention: Understanding the Organization’s Role in Family Law Cases Guardians ad Litem and Court-Appointed Mediators Business Valuations in Divorce New Changes Coming to Family Law in 2017 Critical Financial Moves to Make during Your Divorce Illinois Divorce Basics: Alimony and Taxes American Academy of Pediatrics Suggest Parents Ask Child’s Pediatrician for Help During Divorce Helping Children Survive the Holidays in the Midst of a Divorce Helping Your Children Cope with Divorce During the Holidays Divorcing Close to Retirement – What You Need to Know In-House Separation: What is It and How Can You Make It Work? Protecting Your Financial Stability in High Asset Divorce How Can You Help Put an End to Domestic Violence? Could Serving Divorce Papers Through Social Media Be the Next Big Thing in Divorce Law? Divorce and Children: Is the Commitment of “For Better or for Worse” Doing More Harm Than Good? The Amicable Divorce: Splitting Up Without Tearing Each Other Apart The Shared Parenting Movement Proves Two Parents Are Better Than One Successful Divorce Mediation Can Benefit the Whole Family Helpful Tips for Getting Your “Fair” Share in an Illinois Divorce Around Half of All Adopted Children Eventually Search for Birth Parents Should You Financially Plan for Divorce While Still Happily Married? Divorce or Legal Separation – Which One is Right for You? Divorce Continues to Negatively Affect Children Asset Division in Divorce More Complex Than Most Couples Realize Which Parenting Plan is Right for Your Family? Understanding the Division of Marital Property in an Illinois Divorce How Recent Changes to Family Law in Illinois May Affect Your Case Understanding the Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Divorce Child’s Ability to Adjust After Divorce Often Relies on Parents Divorce and Domestic Violence: Understanding the Role and Importance of Safety Plans and Orders of Protection Determining Who Gets the Family Pet After Divorce is More Complicated Than Most Couples Realize Stay-at-Home Parents at Risk for Poverty and Financial Strain After Divorce The Birdnesting Divorce Trend: Is it Right for Your Family? Understanding Grandparents’ Rights in Illinois Understanding the Potential Financial Ramifications of Divorcing Later in Life Domestic Violence, Child Custody, Parental Alienation, and Divorce Making Co-Parenting Work After Your Divorce Tips for a Successful Divorce Mediation Even After Changes to Illinois Family Law, Fathers Need to Protect Their Rights Divorce Preparedness Can Decrease Stress, Save Money, and Encourage an Amicable Divorce Planning and Paying for College after a Divorce Significant Changes to Child Custody Laws in Illinois Same-Sex Marriage and Changes to Illinois Family Law Updates to Divorce Law in Illinois for 2016 Important Changes to Illinois Child Support and Spousal Maintenance Laws Divorce and Money: Social Security Benefits after a Divorce Understanding the Changes to Parental Relocation Laws in Illinois Senate Bill 57 Brings Significant Change to Family Law in Illinois Dissolving a Marriage Grey Divorce Becoming More Common Money Arguments Biggest Predictor for Divorce, Experts Say Tips for Cutting Divorce Expenses Divorcing Parents Often Wait until after the Holidays to File Stepfather and Biological Father Custody Battle Raises Questions About Parental Rights Post-Divorce Talk: The Importance of Forgiveness and Healing Does Anticipatory Neglect Carry Any Weight in Child Custody Cases? How Long Does Child Support Last? Marital Property and Equitable Distribution Child Custody: Does the Child Decide? Is Virtual Visitation an Option in Illinois? Senate Bill 1645: Law Gives Fresh Start to Survivors of Domestic Violence Transformation of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act: College Expenses for Non-Minor Children Transformation of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act: Support for Non-Minor Children with a Disability Transformation of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act: Parental Relocation Transformation of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act: Removal of “Custody” for “Parental Responsibilities” Transformation of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act: Removal of “Grounds for Divorce” The Parentage Act of 2015: Revamp from 1984 The Transformation of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act: The Overview Parental Authority and Children’s Right to Privacy: Where Is the Line Drawn? Is Denying Medical Treatment to Children Due to Religion a Right? The Vicious Cycle of Child Support Non-Payers Parental Rights for Incarcerated Parents With Marriage Equality Now the Law of the Land, What Could Happen to Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships? Same-Sex Parents: The Residual Roadblocks in “Equality” States Is Dieting and Extreme Exercise the Newest Form of Child Abuse? The ICWA and Illinois: The Ins and Outs of Parental Rights for American Indian Children Divorce Financing: The New, Great Divorce Equalizer Study Reveals That Children in Shared Custody Situation Are Less Stressed than Children in a One-Parent Home Pet Custody Battles: How to Keep Fido in Your Home Breach of Promise Act: What Happens to the Ring in a Broken Engagement Five Ways Illinois Couples Can Adopt Children Lawyers Challenge Joliet Cops to Charity Softball Game Talking to Children about Divorce Sexual Assault Survivor Rights to Terminate Parental Rights of Assaulters Underage Marriage in the United States Supreme Court Considers Broadening Hearsay Exceptions to Child Testimony Transgender Rights in Family Law: Illinois Creates Right to Change Gender Markers on Important Legal Documents New Law Permits Gambling Facilities to Intercept Jackpot Winnings for Unpaid Child Support Corporal Punishment: The Thin Line between Child Discipline and Child Abuse Postnuptial Agreements: The Business of Going into Business with Your Spouse Child Vaccination Debate: Should Parents Be Held Liable for Not Vaccinating Their Children? Same-Sex Marriage: What is the Law and Religious Exemptions? Underage Drinking and Parental Liability The Newest Factors that Can Affect Child Custody in Court Vacation or Abduction? When an Ex Wants to Take Your Child Abroad Divorce by Publication: The Case of the Missing Spouse Revenge Porn Law Signed by Illinois Gov. Quinn at the End of 2014 Crackdown on the Abandonment and Transfer of Unwanted Adopted Children New Amendment Expands Role of Guardian Ad Litem Children, Disabilities, and Child Support Health Insurance and Divorce: Protecting Your Coverage Wage Garnishment: When an Ex Dodges Child Support Payments The Double Standard of Visitation Rights in Illinois Custody Arrangements: The Right of First Refusal Illinois Establishes New Guidelines for Spousal Maintenance Snooping on Your Spouse Could be Costly to Your Divorce Secular Law & Religious Law: Divorce in the Jewish Communities Social Media & Divorce Rates: The Divorce Contagion on Facebook Victory for Survivors of Domestic Violence: A Stay of Deportation Rise in Military Marital Strife: Divorce in the Military The Leading Causes behind Divorce New Law Strengthens Child Protective Services To Procreate or to Not Procreate: Whose Right is Most Valid? How Often is Domestic Violence Occurring? If it’s a Boy, We Get Married? Babies, Gender Preference and Divorce Pet Custody: A Bone of Contention Think before You Post: Social Media Can Impact Family Law Cases Tax Considerations & Marriage Penalties for Middle Class Families Challenges to Collecting Child Support Guardianship in Illinois States Debate over Child Custody Laws Financial Infidelity in Marriage Back to the Basics: Do's and Don'ts of Prenuptial Agreements Maintaining Marriages While Taking Care of Aging Parents Taking on a Spouse’s Debt during Marriage Illinois Dept. of Children and Family Services Faces Funding Issues Prenuptial & Premarital Agreements in Illinois Establishing Paternity in Illinois Illinois Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Adopting Parents & Mental Health Service Support Gray Divorce: How Does it Affect Adult Children? Cohabitation + Spousal Support? Not in Illinois Obtaining an Order of Protection in Illinois Illinois Adoption and the Criminal Background Check Online Infidelity and Divorce Aurora Adoption Attorney Helps Family Adopt Bolivian Child Kansas Introduces Legislation to Make Divorce Harder to Obtain One Woman’s Story Highlights the Pitfalls of Marrying Young Same-Sex Marriages Do Not Yet Mean Equality, Especially When Traveling A Brief Look at the (Surprisingly) Brief History of Divorce Kardashian/Odom Divorce: High Stakes and High Visibility Poll Shows 94 Percent of Married Couples Happy in Their Marriages France Considering Plan to Expedite Divorce Mass Muslim Marriages Bring Up Questions of Comity in the US How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce It Takes Both Parents: Enforcement of Visitation Orders Married in One State Means Married in all; Same with Divorce Fight for Same-Sex Marriage Includes Fight for Same-Sex Divorce Drinking and Your Marriage Illinois Divorce: Is Collaborative Divorce an Option? Divorce and Telling the Kids: One Size Does Not Fit All The Top Financial Fears of Divorce Expert Help to Consider During the Divorce Process Illinois Divorce and Joint Parenting Agreements Divorcing Someone with Mental Illness: Special Considerations What is the Difference Between Annulment and Divorce? Illinois Prenuptial Agreement Basics How to Interact with the In-Laws Post Divorce Child Support Calculation in Illinois Domestic Violence Wheel Men Cheat More Than Women The Importance of Planning for College during Divorce Divorce or Marriage Dissolution Dating and the Divorcee Birth Order Linked To Divorce, Study Says What is a Bird’s Nest Custody Agreement Warning Signs of Divorce The Impact of Divorce On Your Sense of Self Getting over Divorce Paternity in Illinois Divorce and Facebook Dividing Assets During Divorce Children of Divorce More Likely to Become Smokers? Domestic Violence in Illinois Division of Property in an Illinois Divorce Case Weight Gain Is Grounds For Divorce? Prenuptial Agreements in Illinois Getting Over Divorce Spousal Support Former U.S. Rep files to Stop Paying Child Support Appellate Court Throws Out Millionaire’s Prenup Permanent Alimony: The Basics Divorce’s Affect on Schoolwork Trial Date Set in Kardashian/Humphries Divorce Skinnygirl Founder and Reality Show Star Announces Split from Husband Grandparent And Sibling Visitation Rights Cheating Leads to Divorce Divorces Declined During Recession Criminal Charges can Affect Divorce Proceedings Checklist for Divorce-Personal Information Is Divorce the Right Choice for You? Tax Questions about Divorce Splitting Chores Equally May Result In Divorce Nearly Final Divorce isn’t Final in Case of Spouse Inheritance Procreation Condition Placed on Dead Beat Dad Aldrin's Divorce Settlement Doesn't Include Astronomical Figures Financial Tips for a New Beginning New Custody Concerns in Digital Age America’s Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad Arrested Baby Boomers Divorce Rates Double, According to Studies. When a Couple Divorces, What Happens to Their Business? Having a Loving Divorce The Rising Trend in Divorce Coaches Holidays and Custody Divorce Rates Temporarily Fall During Times of Recession Hurricane Sandy Affecting Marriages Actor Dennis Quaid's Wife Looking to Divorce Political Views and Marriage The Citing Grounds or Irreconcilable Differences in an Illinois Divorce Case Arranged Marriages Happier Than Previously Thought Stay in Control of Your Life after Divorce: Change Your Old Insurance Plans Lawyer Claims Ex-Wife Got Half in Divorce After Attorney Was in Lust with Opposition Annulment in Illinois – Making the Split About More Than Just Divorce Studies Confirm: Almost Every Second Marriage Ends in Divorce Paternity Frauds Common Enough to Warrant Concern What is a Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage? The Difference Between Marital and Non-Marital Property The Importance of Child Visitation in Illinois When Spiritual Custody is the Issue New Study Could Raise Issue in Custody Battles Could A Friend's Divorce Lead To Yours? Child Custody and Gender Bias Dealing with Debt in a Divorce Divorce, Children, And Religion Divorce Apps and Advice Available on Smart Phones Pitfalls of Using Social Media Websites During Divorce Divorce Rate Among Baby Boomers Doubles Studies Show Two Thirds of Divorces Initiated by Wives Katie Holmes Files for Divorce Are Teen Celebrity Marriages Sending the Wrong Message to Teens? What is the Discovery Phase of a Divorce Proceeding? Understanding Prenuptial Agreements in Illinois How Illinois Courts Determine the Best Interests of a Child Alimony Terms you Should Know Divorce and Credit Card Debt Property Distribution During a Divorce Divorce and the Division of the High Value Assets and Debts Mevorah Law Offices LLC opens New Location in St. Charles IL Proving a Fault Divorce in Illinois Illinois Congressman Walsh and Ex-Wife Reach Private Settlement in Child Support Battle Child Custody and Visitation in Illinois Child Support in Illinois Kobe Bryant Could Lose Millions in Divorce Property Distribution in Illinois Divorces After Husband's Indictment, Wife Files For Divorce Contested vs. Uncontested Illinois Divorces Contact Lombard Office Bloomingdale Office St. Charles Office Joliet Office Chicago Office Carol Stream Divorce Lawyer Clarendon Hills Divorce Attorney Downers Grove Divorce Law Firm DuPage Divorce Attorney Elmhurst Divorce Lawyers Glen Ellyn Divorce Attorney Kane County Divorce Attorney Lombard Divorce Attorney Naperville Divorce Lawyers Oak Brook Divorce Attorneys St. Charles Divorce Attorney Wheaton Divorce Attorneys Success Stories Charles Ogan: Client Testimonials Locations Resources Privacy Policy Disclaimer Online Reviews Write a Review Lombard Law Firm Celebrates 35 Year Anniversary Lombard Family Law and Personal Injury Attorney Named 2015 Super Lawyer DuPage Immigration Lawyer Helps Five-Year-Old Bolivian Girl Receive Visa to Join Aurora Family DuPage Immigration Lawyer Opens Chicago Office Kane County Divorce Law Firm Opens St. Charles Office DuPage County Attorneys Named 2016 Illinois Super Lawyers Lombard Attorneys from Mevorah Law Offices LLC Named 2017 Illinois Super Lawyers


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