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Family Law

Illinois family law attorneysOver the last several years, divorce has gone from a stigmatized and rare situation to a fairly common one. Some might view this as a negative, but there are potential benefits. For example, more divorce means psychologists and doctors now better understand how divorce affects those involved. This includes children, who often struggle to cope. In the same vein, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that pediatricians could provide support to families going through divorce. The following explains further, and provides some additional information on where parents can turn for help.

Understanding Children of Divorce

Every child is unique. Every family is unique. So it only makes sense that each child will respond differently to divorce. However, there are some common behaviors that may present in children at a particular age and stage of development. Pediatricians have an in-depth understanding of these various stages, and they typically have a history with their patients. This gives them a lot of insight and knowledge when it comes to knowing how to advise parents on how their child may cope with the divorce.

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Illinois divorce lawyersThe holidays tend to be an especially difficult time for families in the midst of a divorce. Concepts of peace, unity, and love are difficult to consider, and maybe even intangible. Yet it is that contrast that makes the effort to create a loving and nurturing holiday season so crucial. Some divorcing or recently divorced parents may find the following tips for surviving the holidays especially helpful.

Be Upfront and Positive about Holiday Visiting Plans
It can be heart-wrenching to know your child will not be with you during the holidays, but children will cope best if both parents are upfront and stay positive. Work out the arrangements with your ex, rather than your child, and then fill your child in on the details. Use careful consideration when choosing your words—focus on the positives, rather than the negatives (i.e. “You’ll open presents here with me, and then dad will be by to pick you up after lunch”). You might even find the use of a calendar effective for helping your child remember the arrangements.
Allow (and Even Encourage) Gift-Giving and Phone Calls
Despite how you may feel about your ex, your child still loves them. Acknowledge that love by allowing or even encouraging your child to purchase or make a gift for your ex. It is a small display of affection, but it can go a long way in helping your child with the feelings of sadness or anxiety they may be feeling with their parents in two separate households. If your child is missing their other parent late at night, or right before bedtime, you might even consider allowing your child to call the other parent and tell them goodnight. It could help to further soothe their anxiousness.
Set Up Boundaries with Extended Family
Though not everyone spends the holidays with extended family members, many others do. This can be an anxiety-laden situation for your child, so be firm with others when it comes to boundaries. Do not permit probing questions about your ex, and diffuse any negative discussions. Remember that, to your child, these negative words (even negative words meant to be supportive of you) can seem like a direct attack on a parent they still love very much.
Acknowledge Your Own Feelings
Parents who put their child’s emotional needs first sometimes fail to recognize their own. This can lead to depression, anxiety, or additional anger toward your ex, or even your child. Acknowledge your feelings—embrace them, if you can—by making time for yourself. If your child is away, spend time with friends and family that are supportive of you. Journal. Talk to a therapist. Whatever you do, do not ignore or attempt to avoid feelings that are not only normal, but expected.
Filing for Divorce? An Experienced Divorce Attorney can Help
Because the holidays are an extra sensitive time, couples may struggle more than usual to come up with a suitable parenting plan. They are also apt to argue more, making other aspects of the divorce difficult to handle. An experienced divorce attorney may be especially helpful while attempting to navigate the complex process.
The skilled Illinois divorce attorneys at Mevorah Law Offices can help. With more than 200 years of combined experience, we can advise and mediate through even the most difficult of cases, including those involving domestic violence. To find out how we can help, call 630-932-9100 today and schedule your free initial consultation.
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DuPage County family law attorneysFor families still adjusting to life after divorce, the traditional togetherness of the holidays can be stressful and downright depressing. This can be especially true for children, who might still be struggling to understand why the divorce happened in the first place. If you went through a divorce earlier this year, help your child cope with the holiday season using the following tips.

Keep the Focus on Your Children

Despite the change in your marital status, your family is still technically a family. No, this does not mean that you need to invite your ex-spouse over for Thanksgiving dinner. It does mean that you need to remember that your child still loves both of you, and that they do not want to be put in the middle. More than that, children can be emotionally hurt if they are forced to choose sides, so do not make them. Instead, work with your ex-spouse the best that you can. Come up with a plan that everyone can live with, and make sure your child’s wants and needs are at the top of your list of priorities when making those plans. Above all else, avoid any angry words either in front of or around your child.

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DuPage County divorce lawyersDivorce among most age groups might be declining, but those nearing the age of retirement are splitting up at a rate more than double what it was just two decades ago. On one hand, the willingness to start over and pursue a path to self-happiness could be considered a testament to the improved financial stability of women. On the other, divorce at this stage in life carries with it some causes for concern. If you are nearing your retirement age and considering divorce, the following information explains what you should know.

Protecting Your Financial Future is Critical

As you near retirement, your ability to make up any income or assets lost during divorce is greatly diminished. This means you will need to do some extra planning to protect your financial future. Take stock of what you have – assets, income, expenses, investments, and retirement accounts – and ask your attorney for help in determining what might be left once the divorce is over. This will tell you if you should make any adjustments to your retirement plan, divorce plan, or financial plan.

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DuPage County divorce lawyersNot every couple who separates does so in the same way. Economic situations, family situations, and personal preferences all come into play. For those that maybe cannot financially afford to separate in the traditional way, have children and do not want to be away from them, or want to try and use separation to repair their marriage, an in-house separation might serve better than an out-of-house one. What is this type of separation, exactly, and how can you make it work? The following provides some tips.

What is an In-House Separation?

At its core, in-house separation is pretty much what it sounds like: a couple “separates” while still living in the same home. Some have one living in the bedroom and the other in the attic. Others simply section off a part of the house. The point is that you each have your own space that is separate from one another. Of course, because you are still in the same home, there are many ways for this type of separation to go awry. Further, it can be a little confusing to children, if you have them. As such, it is important to have some strategies for making it work.

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