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Family Law

DuPage County divorce lawyersDivorce, in and of itself is an emotionally and financially complex process. Add in matters like high net worth, contested child-related matters, alimony, or a closely held business and it becomes a proceeding full of risks and potential pitfalls. Even more concerning are the potential long-term or lifelong consequences. Learn more about the risks of complex divorce, and how you can mitigate them, with help from the following information.

Division of Property and Assets

Illinois is an equitable distribution state. This means that debts, property, and assets are divided in a “fair” manner. Sadly, this subjective term can leave parties vulnerable to highly contentious situations. In some cases, parties may even attempt to hide or dissipate assets to obtain more than their share. Such situations can place a disadvantaged party at serious risk for a loss in financial security. Further, improperly distributed assets are difficult to contest once the divorce has been finalized.

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DuPage County family law attorneysDespite your best efforts, your family law case may not have gone your way. Perhaps you received an unfavorable ruling on some key points in your divorce, or maybe you lost because of a default ruling. Alternatively, your case may have been mishandled by a judge that made a mistake or did not fully understand your situation. Whatever the reason behind your unfavorable ruling, you may still have options. The following explains these options, and details how you can ensure you have the protection and representation you need and deserve along the way.

Appealing a Default Judgement

Typically, defendants have only 30 days to respond to a family law petition. Failure to do so can result in a default judgement, which essentially means the plaintiff’s wishes are granted. Your own concerns - including any that you may contest - are not heard. Thankfully, it may be possible to have the default judgement reversed.

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DuPage County family law attorneysUnless you have have had a child abducted and taken over an international border, or have attempted to adopt a child from another country, it is unlikely that you have heard of the Hague Convention. Yet it is an organization that all families should be familiar with, especially if they are considering an international adoption, believe their child may be at risk for abduction in a child-related family law case, or are involved in a domestic violence situation. The following explains further, and provides key details on how a family law attorney can assist with your case involving children and international borders.

The Hague Convention in International Adoptions

If you are familiar with history, you have likely heard of baby factories - places where women are “bred” and then give birth to their babies, only to have them snatched away and sold overseas. Of course, you may also assume that these factories are just a black spot in history books. Sadly, this could not be further from the truth. Baby factories still exist. In fact, Nigeria and China have both been focal points for international agencies that combat child trafficking.

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DuPage County mediators and guardians ad litemDivorce and other domestic matters, such as requests for parenting time and/or allocation of parental responsibilities for a child born to non-married couples, are emotionally charged and complex matters. As such, they are often difficult to navigate, even for those that wish to resolve matters amicably. Illinois family law courts understand this and have provisions in place to help families work through their domestic disputes. Learn more about guardians ad litem and other court-appointed mediators, including what they do and why you might need one, with help from the following information.

Guardians ad Litem

In family courts, guardians ad litem are appointed to protect the best interests of a child. They are often used when parents are unable to reach an agreement over the allocation of parental responsibilities and/or parenting time. They may also be used if there are concerns over neglect or abuse of the child. Much of what they do is investigation work - they examine the life of each parent, home, and support system. They often speak with the child and may even do surprise home inspections. They then present their information to the court so that the judge can make determination over the child’s placement.

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DuPage County divorce lawyersComplex and emotionally triggering in almost every way possible, divorce can ultimately result in the dissolution of a business. As such, owners are often wary of the process, and may even resort to criminal activity to protect their investment. Others may attempt to use the company as leverage or a way to seek revenge. Whatever your situation - no matter how contentious it may be - the following information can help. It explains the business valuation process and lets you know what you can expect. You will also learn how to ensure that you and/or your spouse’s business is accurately valued so that you can maximize your chances of getting the divorce settlement you deserve.

How the Value of a Business is Determined

Business valuation is a complex process with numerous factors to consider. Debts, assets, liabilities, and previous earnings history are analyzed. Future earnings and potential tax obligations are estimated as well. A business analysis expert then uses this information to calculate the overall value of the business, which is then added to the total value of the marital estate. This does not mean the business will be split equally, however. Instead, each party’s financial needs, future earning potential, potential tax obligations, contributions to the business, and other financial factors are examined. This is then used to determine what their equitable (“fair”) share of the business and marital estate should be.

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