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Family Law

DuPage County divorce lawyersNot every couple who separates does so in the same way. Economic situations, family situations, and personal preferences all come into play. For those that maybe cannot financially afford to separate in the traditional way, have children and do not want to be away from them, or want to try and use separation to repair their marriage, an in-house separation might serve better than an out-of-house one. What is this type of separation, exactly, and how can you make it work? The following provides some tips.

What is an In-House Separation?

At its core, in-house separation is pretty much what it sounds like: a couple “separates” while still living in the same home. Some have one living in the bedroom and the other in the attic. Others simply section off a part of the house. The point is that you each have your own space that is separate from one another. Of course, because you are still in the same home, there are many ways for this type of separation to go awry. Further, it can be a little confusing to children, if you have them. As such, it is important to have some strategies for making it work.

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DuPage County divorce attorneysWhile it has been said that “money is the root of all evil,” there is really nothing wrong with wanting or needing financial stability. In fact, in this day and age, financial stability is absolutely crucial when it comes to protecting your overall health and wellness. So how do you ensure you get your fair share in high asset divorce? The following explains further.

A Battlefield or a Place of Compromise?

Sadly, the fight over money in divorce can (and sometimes does) turn court into a battlefield. Couples who once loved each other wage war and sometimes even engage in sneaky and underhanded tactics in order to keep their fair share. In these situations, it is critical that you have a legal representative who is willing to protect your rights – preferably one who is also experienced in handling high asset divorces and high conflict litigation proceedings. Yet this is not always a requirement. In fact, if you instinctively pursue the kind of attorney that starts out swinging, you could turn what might have been an amicable divorce into a highly contentious one. As such, it is important that you also seek an attorney who knows how to protect your interests in peaceable negotiations.

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DuPage County family law attorneysEach year there are 18,500,000 mental health care visits due to intimate partner violence. However, there are also many domestic violence incidents that go unreported. This could be due to a number of reasons, being that the victim becomes afraid of their abuser. As such, it is important to communicate to loved ones if and when an abusive situation occurs.

You Have Options

One way to put an end to domestic violence in Illinois is to seek an order of protection. There are multiple reasons you can use this option:

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DuPage County divorce lawyersIn divorce, the first legal step is to notify the other party (your spouse). Historically, this has been done in person, or by way of newspaper if the party could not be located. Yet, as newspapers are being perused less and less frequently, and the use of social media grows, some courts are considering the option of serving divorce papers via social media. Could this be the next big thing in divorce, or are we treading on dangerous waters?

Woman in New York Legally Serves Husband on Facebook

Last year, a woman in New York spent several years trying to track down her husband. She even hired a private eye. When her efforts failed, she turned to the court and asked if she could serve him divorce papers through Facebook. The court agreed, but with a catch.

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Illinois divorce attorneysThe decision to divorce is a personal one with potentially long-lasting implications. Many couples struggle with the idea of abandoning their vows. When you add children into the mix, things become even more complicated. There is more at stake, and parents may feel strongly about setting a good example for their children. Yet there are circumstances in which the choice to stay together, “for better or for worse,” may actually do more harm than good.

Abuse of Any Kind Can Be Detrimental to Children

Abuse – whether financial, physical, emotional, or sexual – can be detrimental to children, even if the child is not the target. In fact, one study found that children who grow up in violent homes are affected much in the same way that soldiers are in combat. Their brains become increasingly wary of potential threats, and they may be at a higher risk for mental health problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and/or depression. Furthermore, it is important to understand that abuse can (and often does) escalate over time. Your children could be at future risk of abuse themselves, or they could end up caught in the crossfire. If you are struggling with abuse of any kind, contact our lawyers for help.

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