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Megan E. Gieseler: Case Successes


When it comes to dividing property in a divorce, you want someone like Ms. Gieseler by your side. A few weeks prior to trial, where the Judge was going to decide how the marital property would be divided, the opposing party tendered new opinions of their experts that could have been used against Ms. Gieseler's client. Ms. Gieseler acted quickly to file a motion to prevent those opinions from being used in the trial. On the first day of trial, the Court heard arguments on the motion and the Court agreed with Ms. Gieseler - the newly disclosed opinions were not allowed into evidence. Ms. Gieseler's actions led to victory for her client.

Attorney Gieseler recovers children from out of state when other parent wrongfully removed child from Illinois.
After a client’s children were taken from the State of Illinois without any notice or court order by the other parent, Ms. Gieseler worked quickly to have the children brought back into the client’s arms. At the time Ms. Gieseler was hired by her client, the client had no knowledge of his children’s whereabouts and had not seen them in several weeks. Ms. Gieseler was able to locate the children out of state and file the appropriate petition to have the children brought back to Illinois. Ms. Gieseler successfully argued and won at trial resulting in the children being reunited with their father.

Attorney Gieseler obtains residential custody for client without having to go to trial.
Ms. Gieseler was retained during the middle of a custody dispute case. Prior to hiring Ms. Gieseler, the client was representing herself pro se. Ms. Gieseler delved into the case pushing the case forward while positioning it for possible settlement. Ms. Gieseler was able to jump into the case headfirst as if she was working on the case from day one. At a crucial hearing and pre-trial conference, Ms. Gieseler successfully argued for her client to be named as residential parent and successfully argued to get the visitation schedule that her client wanted. As a result, the other side caved and a settlement was reached without the client having to incur any additional legal fees.

Despite negative GAL opinion against her client, Ms. Gieseler prevailed for her client.
Ms. Gieseler was hired by a client during a pending post-decree custody modification case. The other parent and attorney were fighting to have the Joint Parenting Agreement modified in favor of sole custody. At the time Ms. Gieseler was hired, the GAL had already issued her report recommending against the client and in favor of the other side for sole custody. The GAL was also recommending for a significant reduction in parenting time for Ms. Gieseler’s client. The client was devastated and he believed that this was not in the best interest of his children to lose all decision-making power when it comes to his children. The odds were all stacked against Ms. Gieseler and her client. Within a week, Ms. Gieseler had several key petitions on file to strategically turn the direction of the case. Ms. Gieseler pushed the other side into a settlement conference and subsequent pre-trial conference. Due to Ms. Gieseler’s persistence, the case was resolved with her client retaining decision-making on decisions which were important to him as well as shared custody of the children.

Ms. Gieseler has successfully defended clients in orders of protection and stalking no contact cases. In these types of cases, times is of the essence and clients need attorneys to spring into action in a short period of time.
In one matter, Ms. Gieseler was retained to defend a client in a stalking no contact case. The client was alleged to have stalked his girlfriend’s parents on several occasions. The client was concerned about the consequences of having this type of order entered against him for employment reasons. Within weeks, Ms. Gieseler had obtained crucial evidence, prepared her client and subpoenaed witnesses for trial, and planned her course of attack to challenge the other side’s witnesses. During the trial, Ms. Gieseler challenged and cross-examined the other side’s allegations and version of the events. At the end of the other side’s case in chief, Ms. Gieseler was granted a directed verdict in favor of her client and the other side’s case was dismissed. Ms. Gieseler’s extraordinary litigation skills ruled the day.

Personal Injury

Ms. Gieseler represented a client who was injured in a motor vehicle accident in Cook County. Ms. Gieseler handled the mandatory arbitration hearing, and obtained an award in favor of Ms. Gieseler's client. In addition, Ms. Gieseler was able to obtain a bad faith finding against the opposing party.

Ms. Gieseler represented a client who was injured in a motor vehicle accident in Kane County. Ms. Gieseler's unwavering tenacity led to a very favorable settlement for the client and the client did not need to appear for trial or have to testify. Ms. Gieseler's efforts to continuously challenge the opposing party's case paid off when the opposing party finally caved in and agreed to Ms. Gieseler's settlement terms. The client was very satisfied with the outcome of the case.


An underage client was arrested while drinking at his senior prom. He was charged with a criminal misdemeanor of illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor. In Illinois, court supervision would still result in the mandatory suspension of the client's driver's license for three months. Ms. Gieseler outstanding efforts on the case led to the State's Attorney amending down this charge to a disorderly conduct and the client was given court supervision on the disorderly conduct. As a result of Ms. Gieseler's efforts, the client did not obtain a conviction and he did not lose his driver's license.


Ms. Gieseler saved one of her client's from working without authorization. Ms. Gieseler's client came to Mevorah Law Offices LLC with a prior work authorization that was about to expire. Ms. Gieseler helped her client to file a new case and expedite the work authorization on the new case before the old work authorization expired. In this case, despite the USCIS issuing a Request for Evidence, Ms. Gieseler's quick and decisive action saved the day. Ms. Gieseler not only prepared a Response to USCIS Request for Evidence, proving that the USCIS had issued the Request for Evidence in error since it failed to consider the beneficiaries' own income in the analysis; but Ms. Gieseler successfully argued to expedite the case to get her client a new work authorization before her old one expired. In the end, as a result of Ms. Gieseler's outstanding efforts, the client obtained not only a new work authorization in time, but also a Legal Permanent Resident status.

Client Charged with Fraud and Misrepresentation In Obtaining Green Card.
Ms. Gieseler represented a client charged with misrepresentation and fraud in obtaining his “green card” or legal permanent resident status. Client’s situation became even more serious after the client failed to attend his biometrics appointment. The client was facing removal from the United States and the biometrics appointment was critical to avoid removal. Ms. Gieseler was able to reschedule the biometrics appointment within weeks of his Immigration Court Individual Hearing by personally traveling to the USCIS office and obtaining the appointment notice for her client. After solving the biometrics appointment issue, Ms. Gieseler prepared, filed, and successfully obtained argued a waiver for her client during the Immigration Court Individual Hearing. Due to Ms. Gieseler’s extensive knowledge of immigration and hard work for her client, the waiver was granted in favor of her client allowing her client to remain in the country as a legal permanent resident despite having been charged with fraud and misrepresentations.

Attorney Gieseler helps client get green card fast
In one case, Ms. Gieseler was hired to file a spousal-based adjustment application along with a work authorization. Due to the client’s employment situation, the application needed to be filed within weeks. Ms. Gieseler worked tirelessly to obtain all of the necessary documentation and file the application. Due to Ms. Gieseler’s efforts, the client obtained his work authorization so he could accept a job offer. Thereafter, Ms. Gieseler prepared the client for his interview taking the client through a practice interview. As a result of Ms. Gieseler’s hard work, Ms. Gieseler’s client successfully obtained his green card.

Client with criminal background becomes permanent resident thanks to Attorney Gieseler.
In one case, Ms. Gieseler was able to obtain a green card for a client with a criminal background. Not only did Ms. Gieseler work diligently to obtain criminal records for the client from other states, but she also prepared the client for the types of questions that she would face during the interview. The immigration officer challenged the client during the interview but the client was prepared. As a result, the client is now a legal permanent resident.

Entry without inspection (unlawful entry) client gets green card without having to leave the country or file for a waiver, thanks to Attorney Gieseler.
Ms. Gieseler was hired by a client to obtain her green card. During the initial interview, Ms. Gieseler learned that the client’s father had filed a Petition for Alien Relative on her behalf many years before. Due to the client’s illegal entry into the United States, the client through she would need some sort of waiver and need to leave the country during the process. However, due to Ms. Gieseler’s knowledge and experience in immigration law, she was able to successfully adjust the client’s status without any waiver and without her client leaving the country. Ms. Gieseler found the best way to help her client and determining the best way for her client to adjust status.

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