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Lombard White Collar Crime Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorneys for Fraud and Embezzlement Charges in DuPage County and Surrounding Cities

Many people do not realize that white collar crime investigations can begin with simple questions, often delivered by IRS, FBI, or other federal agents. The agent may appear quite friendly, giving no clue that an interrogation is underway. Typically, an investigation on insider trading, tax evasion, or other white collar crimes may drag on for a year or longer before a grand jury is convened. If there is any clue that you are being investigated, it is time to contact a lawyer immediately.

Know Your Rights in White Collar Crime Investigations

Your first few seconds of response in a criminal investigation can be very consequential. "Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law," extends well beyond the Miranda warning given during arrest. Even when you believe you are being questioned as a witness, it is wise to have an attorney present. All too frequently, witnesses turn into targets during police or federal investigations. An experienced white collar criminal defense lawyer can provide advice and legal guidance, and they can interact with authorities on your behalf regarding criminal law matters such as:

  • Computer/internet fraud - If you are suspected of white collar crimes related to the internet, including hacking or identity theft, you will be up against federal laws that carry severe penalties.
  • Tax fraud - An IRS criminal investigation can turn on even the smallest discrepancy. Our attorneys can assist with cases involving charges of tax evasion or other forms of fraud at the federal or state level.
  • Forgery - Some white collar criminal charges may be related to accusations that you have falsified documents or forged someone else's signature.
  • Embezzlement - Accusations of taking company funds or misappropriating property for personal gain may lead to charges of theft.
  • Bank and wire fraud - In addition to charges related to transmitting falsified information or illegally accessing people's financial accounts, white collar fraud investigations often involve allegations of financial crimes such as money laundering or insider trading.

When stepping into the criminal justice system, you enter an intimidating maze of laws and procedures. A wrong move can result in serious repercussions. No matter how great your social or communication skills, you are not equipped to play the legal game. The Fifth Amendment right to remain silent is the safest route to protect your rights, followed by quickly retaining a competent criminal defense lawyer. Even when taking the witness stand, following your lawyer's instructions closely is crucial for the outcome of your case.

Contact Our Bloomingdale White Collar Crime Defense Attorneys

If you are being investigated or have been charged with a white collar crime, do not delay in seeking legal representation. Our criminal defense lawyers at Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices have decades of experience, and we can provide strong advocacy and help you determine your best options for avoiding a conviction or minimizing the potential consequences that may apply to you. Arrange a free consultation to discuss your white collar crime matter today. Call our law firm at 630-932-9100 or contact us online. We assist clients throughout DuPage County and Northern Illinois from our offices in Lombard, Bloomingdale, and Naperville.

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