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Lombard Minor Guardianship Lawyers

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Guardianship is a complex legal process that establishes a person's legal authority over another person or property. Guardianship can be obtained over a minor (under 18 years of age) or over an adult who is disabled or who has become incapacitated. Guardianship proceedings can be emotionally challenging, because they often center around stressful family issues such as the death of a loved one with minor children or the sudden illness or incapacitation of a parent.

At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, we understand both the personal and legal issues that are involved in guardianship cases. Our attorneys provide experienced and compassionate legal counsel throughout the duration of our clients' cases.

Illinois Guardianship of a Minor

In Illinois, guardianship of a minor is addressed in Probate Court, outside of the Family and Parentage Courts. The appointment of a legal guardian does not interfere with the custodial rights of the natural parents. Guardianship may be necessary when a child's biological or legal parents are unable to provide care for the child because they are deceased, missing, incarcerated, etc. A guardian of the person, who is often a relative but not always, is appointed by the court and becomes responsible for meeting the child's daily needs and providing for their well-being. The guardian may be required to provide regular reports to the court regarding the child's condition. A person or organization may also be appointed as the guardian of the child's estate, and they will have the authority to manage the child's financial affairs and assets until the child reaches adulthood.

Illinois Guardianship of an Adult or Estate

Guardianship of an adult can be established if the adult is disabled or becomes physically or mentally incapacitated. If a person is named as the guardian of the person for an adult, they will be responsible for that person's healthcare, living situation, and other personal concerns. In cases where adults are unable to manage their own fiscal affairs, guardianship over that person's estate may be granted. In these cases, more frequent reporting to the Courts is usually required.

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