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DuPage County Reckless Driving Attorneys

Skilled Reckless Driving Defense Lawyers in Bloomingdale, Naperville, and St. Charles

Reckless driving is among the most serious traffic violations in Illinois. A conviction for this offense can carry with it heavy fines, higher insurance rates, and even jail time. To make matters worse, reckless driving is among the crimes Illinois does not allow you to expunge from your criminal record. If you or someone close to you has been charged with reckless driving, it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney, so you understand your rights and options.

Since 1979, Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices has provided skilled representation to clients in Chicagoland and throughout Northern Illinois for traffic violations and all other types of criminal charges. Our award-winning attorneys are former prosecutors and public defenders with in-depth experience successfully defending individuals cited for reckless driving and other moving violations. We understand how the court system works and what it takes to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

We have been highly acclaimed not only for our experience and skill but also for our client-centered approach. Our lawyers are honest, compassionate, responsive, and down to earth. We work hard to remain as accessible as possible, and we fight hard to defend our clients' rights. We offer free initial consultations and extended evening and weekend hours for your convenience, and we keep our clients continually updated on the progress of their case. When you are cited for reckless driving, we will go to work immediately to thoroughly examine your case and put together the most effective defense strategy to minimize (or eliminate) the negative consequences of the charge.

What Is Reckless Driving?

Illinois law defines reckless driving as operating a vehicle with “a willful and wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.” Specific acts that may constitute reckless driving include:

The consequences of reckless driving can be very severe. Unlike other more minor traffic offenses, reckless driving is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by fines of up to $2,500 and up to one year in county jail. A conviction also becomes a permanent part of your criminal record, which could make it more difficult to gain employment, housing, and loans in the future. Reckless driving could also turn into a Class 4 or even a Class 3 felony if there are aggravated circumstances involved. Reckless driving that results in bodily harm to a child or school crossing guard or great bodily harm and/or permanent disability or disfigurement to any individual is a Class 4 felony, and a conviction could result in a prison sentence of one to three years. Rekcless driving that causes great bodily harm or permanent disability for a child or school crossing guard is a Class 3 felony, and a conviction could result in a sentence of two to five years. Felony convictions may also be punished by fines of up to $25,000.

Contact Our Lombard Reckless Driving Defense Lawyers

Reckless driving is far from a minor offense. The consequences can have a severe negative impact on your future. With so much on the line, it is critical to have strong legal representation in your corner. At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, we put our experience to work to stand up for your rights and fight for your freedom. For a free consultation with one of our skilled Illinois reckless driving defense attorneys, contact our office today at 630-932-9100.

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