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If you entered the U.S. legally on a temporary non-immigrant visa, you may be eligible to adjust your status to permanent resident without having to return to your home country. There are several advantages to becoming a U.S. permanent resident, such as the ability to remain in the country indefinitely and eventually obtain naturalization/citizenship. To qualify for an adjustment of status (AOS), you must be physically present in the United States and meet certain requirements. The application process can be complicated, and it is best to work with an experienced immigration lawyer to increase your chances of success.

At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, we have several decades of combined experience helping immigrants with adjustment of status applications and all other matters related to immigration; including family-based visas, employment-based visas, student visas, fiancé visas, naturalization, deportation/removal, and asylum. Our award-winning lawyers regularly represent clients in cases involving agencies such as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and we have a strong track record of success securing positive outcomes for our clients.

We are regularly recognized not only for our experience and skill, but also for our client-centered approach. Our attorneys are honest, compassionate, responsive, and down to earth. We strongly believe in immigration and value the contributions immigrants make to our community and society as a whole. It is our passion to serve the immigrant community and provide a strong voice when dealing with large and bureaucratic government agencies.

Who Is Eligible for an Adjustment of Status?

Immigrants can apply for an adjustment of status based on a family relationship with a U.S. Citizen or U.S. permanent resident, through the sponsorship of an employer, or in some cases on a humanitarian basis. To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have entered the U.S. legally: In most cases, you must have entered the country on a valid visa or the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). There are a few exceptions to this requirement, such as those who qualify for Life Act relief.
  • You must be physically present in the United States: Aliens who are not present in the U.S. must have their immigrant visa applications processed at a U.S. consulate abroad.
  • You must meet the requirements of the category in which you are applying: General requirements for adjustment of status include not having overstayed your visa, qualification to apply under your category, no significant criminal issues, no prior history of ICE detentions, deportations, or removals, and an affidavit of financial support.
  • There must be no change in circumstance that would alter your eligibility for AOS: Examples of changes in circumstances include a parent who petitions an alien child for legal permanent resident (LPR) status but dies before the family-based status of the child is approved, a U.S. Citizen who marries and files a petition for a foreign spouse but is legally separated or divorced before the conditional status is lifted, or an employer who withdraws a job offer before a person's employment-based status is approved.

Contact Our Naperville Adjustment of Status Lawyers

Regardless of eligibility, approval of an adjustment of status petition is up to the discretion of the USCIS officer handling the case. For this reason, it is essential to provide thorough and complete documentation of your eligibility and be fully prepared for your interview. At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, we draw on our extensive experience to put our clients in the best possible position to have their application approved. For a free consultation with one of our skilled Illinois immigration attorneys, contact our office today at 630-932-9100.

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