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In the heat of an argument, when tempers flare, one spouse may decide to punish the other by calling the police. The one calling the police, simply by virtue of placing the call, is usually determined to be the victim, and the other party is viewed as the abuser. After a spouse or family member calls the police on a domestic violence issue, emotions frequently die down, and he or she may decide not to press charges.

However, in many instances, even though family matters may be resolved, the District Attorney's office will still move forward with an indictment and prosecution on charges related to domestic violence. Even if you believe the threat of criminal charges has subsided, it is vital to consult with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as the police are involved in any way. Immediate legal action can sometimes prevent the prosecution from beginning legal proceedings.

The attorneys at Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices have decades of experience handling cases that involve domestic violence. Since 1979, our lawyers have helped numerous clients in DuPage, Cook, Kane, McHenry, and Will Counties deal with domestic violence accusations, and we have taken effective legal action on their behalf. Traditionally, accusations of domestic violence may be resolved by family members without pressing charges. However, the increased focus on domestic violence in the media in recent years has changed the legal climate surrounding these cases. Laws have been updated to provide for increased prosecutions, and reporting requirements have become more sophisticated. These factors have made domestic violence predominantly a legal matter that must be handled in criminal courts rather than a domestic issue that can be settled between family members.

Defending Against Domestic Violence Accusations

Domestic violence may include assault or battery committed by a person against a member of their family or household. Domestic violence accusations may be brought by:

  • Family members related by blood or marriage;
  • Current or former spouses;
  • Current or former boyfriends or girlfriends;
  • People who have a child in common;
  • People who live in the same household, including current or former roommates; and
  • People who receive assistance with medical or personal needs from a caregiver.

There are multiple forms of domestic violence that could lead to criminal charges, including:

  • Physical Violence: A person may be accused of beating, shoving, biting, kicking, or otherwise harming a member of their family or household. Other forms of violence may include unreasonable restraint, throwing physical objects, damaging property, or harming pets.
  • Sexual Abuse: A person may face sex crime charges if they are accused of engaging in forced or unwanted sexual contact, sexual assault, or incest against a family member.
  • Emotional Abuse: This may consist of threats, intimidation, humiliation, intentional embarrassment, isolation from family or other people, heavy control, stalking, or harassment. However, verbal or emotional abuse may be difficult to prove unless there is evidence that a person engaged in harassing or intimidating behavior.
  • Economic Abuse: A person may be accused of withholding money, deliberate misuse or waste of common finances, or preventing a family member from seeking employment or pursuing training or education. As with emotional abuse, these activities may not rise to the level of criminal charges unless there is significant evidence that a person engaged in illegal behavior.

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