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When a marriage breaks down, everyone involved will face a great deal of uncertainty about the future. Many issues must be worked out as the spouses go about the process of legally ending their marriage. During a divorce involving children, parents will need to address the allocation of parental responsibilities, parenting plans, and parenting time schedules, and the decisions made should protect the well-being of the child. To understand your rights and options in these matters, it is best to work with an experienced family law attorney with strong negotiating skills and an unwavering commitment to protecting your interests.

The award-winning attorneys at Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices have over 40 years of experience representing individuals in divorce cases. Our legal team has an in-depth knowledge of family law, and we have handled divorces involving even the most complex issues. We are skilled litigators inside the courtroom and strong negotiators outside the courtroom, and we put our experience to work to aggressively advocate for the interests of each client we serve.

Our attorneys are also responsive, compassionate, accessible, and down to earth. When working out parenting plans and parenting time schedules, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs. We strive to put together an arrangement that addresses a parent's concerns and is in accordance with the best interests of their children.

Parenting Time in Illinois

Traditionally, divorce courts have named one parent as the "custodial" parent and granted "visitation" time to the "non-custodial" parent. However, These terms are no longer used in Illinois law. In recognition of the importance of both parents playing an ongoing role in their children's lives, the law now describes the time children spend with each parent as "parenting time." Regardless of what decisions are made about the allocation of parental responsibilities, both parents have the right to have reasonable amounts of parenting time with their children.

Creating a Parenting Plan

If a divorcing couple has children, their divorce decree or judgment will include a parenting plan which will outline each parent's assigned duties regarding the child and helps determine rules, expectations, and boundaries ahead of time so there will be more open communication and less conflict down the road. A parenting plan is typically negotiated between the parties and their attorneys, and it will be reviewed by the court to ensure that the decisions made are in the children's best interests.

Some of the important issues that should be addressed in a parenting plan include:

  • How decision-making responsibilities for children will be allocated between the parents.
  • Parenting time schedules, including on a day-to-day basis and during vacations and holidays throughout the year.
  • Which parent will be responsible for transporting children at what times.
  • Rules parents must follow regarding children, such as what types of discipline will be appropriate.
  • Communication requirements for when parents contact each other or when children contact parents.
  • Procedures for dispute resolution.

In certain circumstances, a parenting plan may need to address other factors to ensure that children's best interests are protected. For example, special needs children may require a parenting plan and parenting time schedule that fosters greater stability. Also, it can be helpful to determine how any future changes to the parenting plan (such as child relocation) will be handled.

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