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Skilled Assistance for Non-U.S. Citizens Detained by ICE in Illinois

Non-U.S. Citizens are sometimes detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for immigration violations. In addition, some immigrants are arrested by state or local law enforcement agencies and detained and turned over to ICE for questioning. ICE detentions or detainers can be among the most terrifying experiences an immigrant can undergo. A person will be likely to experience great uncertainty about the process and what will happen in the future, whether they will be separated from their family, or worse. If you or a family member has been arrested and/or detained by ICE, it is imperative to speak with an experienced immigration lawyer as soon as possible, so you understand your rights and options.

At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, we have several decades of experience helping clients in Chicagoland and throughout Northern Illinois with all immigration matters. Our award-winning attorneys frequently represent clients in cases involving ICE detention/detainers, deportation/removal and all other types of criminal issues related to immigration. We have extensive knowledge of the detention and deportation process, and we can advise you of your rights as a detainee and the steps you can take to secure a positive outcome in your case. We put our experience to work to give immigrants a strong voice and provide them with the skilled representation they deserve when dealing with large and intimidating government agencies.

Arrests by ICE or Local Law Enforcement

There are several ways a non-U.S. citizen can wind up in the custody of ICE. Some may be arrested directly by ICE during workplace raids or in their own homes. In other cases, state or local police may arrest a person for criminal offenses or even traffic violations. In the latter instance, if local law enforcement suspects a person is an undocumented immigrant, they may contact ICE. In most cases, ICE will file a detainer asking law enforcement to hold the person for an additional 48 hours so they can be questioned. If ICE does not take custody of the person before the 48 hours is up, they should be released.

Once a person is in the custody of ICE, a deportation officer will question them to determine whether removal proceedings should be initiated. If proceedings are initiated, the person will be served with a Notice to Appear (NTA) before an immigration judge. The deportation officer will also decide whether or not to grant an immigration bond, which is an amount of money that can be paid to the court to secure their release and allow them to return to their U.S. residence while removal proceedings are pending. If a person is considered a low risk of missing their removal hearing, and they are not considered a danger to the community, they are more likely to be granted a bond.

Contact Our Lombard ICE Detention Lawyers

When facing an ICE detention or detainer, you have the right to remain silent and the right to refuse to answer any questions on the grounds that your statements may incriminate you. You also have the right to one free telephone call. If asked any questions, do NOT volunteer any information and do NOT sign any statements. Instead, ask for your free phone call and contact our skilled Illinois immigration lawyers at 630-932-9100. We will provide you with a free consultation, and we will help you understand your options for being released from ICE custody and defending against a potential removal from the United States.

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