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Spousal Maintenance Attorneys Serving DuPage County and Surrounding Cities

During a divorce proceeding, one of the most important issues to resolve is whether or not one spouse is entitled to ongoing support. Alimony, known in Illinois as spousal maintenance, can be awarded by the court under certain circumstances, or it can be negotiated between the two parties. Whether the issue is settled inside or outside the courtroom, it is important to have a seasoned alimony and maintenance lawyer by your side advocating for your interests.

At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, we have over 40 years of experience representing clients for all types of divorce and family law issues in Illinois. Our award-winning attorneys have an established track record of success securing favorable outcomes for our clients. As members of the Super Lawyers and National Association of Distinguished Counsel's Nation's Top One Percent, we are proud of the recognition we have received from our colleagues for these accomplishments.

Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of alimony and maintenance issues. We are skilled at negotiating and litigating spousal support during a divorce. We put this experience to work to aggressively advocate on behalf of the interests of our clients.

Alimony and Maintenance Issues in Illinois

In determining if maintenance support is appropriate in a divorce, the court may consider several factors. These include:

  • Length of the marriage,
  • Disparity of income between the spouses,
  • Established standard of living while married,
  • Age and health of each spouse,
  • Future earning potential for each spouse,
  • How decisions about property division will affect each spouse's finances,
  • Contributions a spouse made to help further the other spouse's education or career, and
  • Career sacrifices made by one spouse for the sake of the marriage.

If the court decides to award maintenance, and the combined income of both spouses is less than $500,000, the amount and duration of the award are generally determined by pre-set statutory guidelines which take into account the length of the marriage and the net income of each spouse. Maintenance payments cannot be deducted from the payor's taxable income, and maintenance is not considered taxable income for the recipient.

Though there is a pre-determined formula for the amount and duration of a maintenance award, the court must first determine that maintenance is appropriate before these guidelines are applicable. Because the awarding of alimony and maintenance is unpredictable, and because the tax issues surrounding maintenance payments can make it difficult to reach an agreement between spouses, it is essential to be represented by legal counsel with strong negotiating skills and extensive litigation experience. Our number one priority is serving the interests of our clients.

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