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Compensation After a Severe Car Accident

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DuPage County car accident lawyerEveryone knows that car accident injuries can be life-altering. While some injuries, like minor concussions and broken bones, will eventually heal and allow you to return to your life, other injuries are permanent. A severe car accident can cause extreme injuries like traumatic brain damage and paralysis. Injuries like these can change the course of your life forever. You may suffer a loss of independence, needing to rely on health care workers or home health aides for daily care. You may never be able to return to your job. You may need help to perform your normal activities of daily living.

The impact of extreme car accident injuries goes above and beyond a few hospital bills and a week off work. If you suffered a severe injury in a car accident, our attorneys can help you fight to receive every dollar you are entitled to.

Types of Compensation You Could Recover

When your life has been permanently altered by someone’s decision to drive carelessly, you deserve to recover the full amount of compensation possible. Some categories of compensable costs include:

  • Long-term care - You will probably need ongoing health care for years, or even for the rest of your life. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to yearlong stays in rehabilitation facilities. This may include multiple specialist visits, occupational or physical therapy, psychotherapy, home health aides, and medical equipment. If you need to make some alterations to your home to accommodate your disability, like installing a stair lift or lowering the countertops, this may be covered as well.
  • Emotional harm - The car accident itself was likely very traumatic for you. You may have acute post-traumatic stress, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can impact your recovery. Additionally, learning to live with a life-altering injury can be emotionally strenuous. You may not be able to enjoy life like you used to. You should be compensated for the very real harm done to your mental and emotional state.
  • Lost future earnings - If your injuries forced you out of the workforce, or you had to take a lower-paid, less strenuous job, you are likely to lose quite a lot of income over the course of your life. A fair settlement or award should leave you in the same financial position you would have been in had the accident not occurred. This includes your lost future earnings.

These are just a few of the losses you could be compensated for if you have been seriously and permanently injured in a car accident.

Ask a DuPage County Car Accident Lawyer

Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices fights for those who have suffered extreme injuries due to someone else’s careless driving. Our skilled Lombard car accident attorneys will calculate the total amount of compensation you could be eligible for and strive to get you the most. Call 630-932-9100 for a free consultation.

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