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Could A Friend's Divorce Lead To Yours?

Posted on in Family Law

There was an article in the Huffington Post divorce section about how much a friend's divorce can affect your marriage. It is easy to think that divorce only affects the people directly involved it, but that is not entirely true. Anyone who is around you during the time of your divorce can be affected by it. It works the other way around too.

is divorce contagious? imageFor example, your friend tells you she's getting a divorce. She and her husband have always seemed like the perfect couple, so the news surprises you. You are worried about how things will turn out for your friend and her children, so you start to reflect on your own relationship and the issues you have had in your marriage.

Especially, if your circle of friends has recently had many divorces, you might start to feel like you are inevitably headed for one too. This kind of an idea might eventually lead to a divorce if a person feels that all the signs are eminent in their own marriage.

No matter how private people think their divorces are, there are always other people involved. Whether it is children, relatives, friends or pets, they will be affected by your divorce. The article in the Huffington Post discusses theories about how parents' divorces have an impact on how their children will handle marriage later on in life, among other things.

There are many things to consider when getting a divorce – some of them legal, some of them not – but going a through a divorce is a lot easier with the right help. Whether you are planning to file for divorce or already going through one, make sure you have qualified legal help. Contact an experienced divorce lawyer in DuPage County today.

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