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How Income Shares Impacts Child Support

 Posted on September 18, 2018 in Family Law

IL family lawyerLast year, Illinois adopted the income shares model to calculate child support. With this model, the way child is calculated in Illinois has significantly changed. If you are going through a divorce and wondering how the income share model will impact the amount of money you may receive or be required to pay, keep reading.

The Benefits of the Income Shares Model

The income shares model is used in the majority of states and can effectively address the needs of each child while taking the financial well-being of each parent into account. In the past, Illinois only considered the income of the parent who was responsible for paying child support. Now, each child is provided with the same amount of support they would receive if their parents were still married.

Details of the Income Shares Model

There are several details of the income shares model that are essential to understand. In the event a parent is paying court-ordered child support in a case that is completely separate and unrelated, the amount being paid will be subtracted from their gross income.

If a parent is also paying spousal maintenance, the amount of money they are paying will be deducted from their gross income. This amount will also be added to the receiving parent’s gross income prior to calculating the net income of each parent.

Additionally, if parenting time is split equally, the number of overnights each parent has with their children will be accounted for when a child support calculation is made.

How Child Support Is Calculated

Child support in Illinois is calculated using four steps. The first step involves calculating the net income of each parent. Once that has been completed, the net income of each parent will be added to determine the total net income of the family.

Next, the court will use a grid by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to compare the total net income of the family with average child-related expenses of families with similar incomes.

Then, a total child support payment for both parents will be calculated. This will involve shelter, food, medical expenses, and other basics. Other expenses that are specific to the child may also be included.

Lastly, the child support calculation will be prorated to each parent based on their share of the family’s total net income.

Contact Our Experienced DuPage County Child Support Lawyers

For more information on the income shares child support model or assistance with your child support case, contact our highly skilled DuPage County child support lawyers at Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices.

Source: https://www.illinois.gov/HFS/CHILDSUPPORT/parents/Pages/IncomeShares.asp

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