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Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed for Divorce

 Posted on September 25, 2018 in Family Law

IL family lawyerMost people do not get married with the intention of getting divorce. In fact, most couples tie the knot and hope that they will enjoy many happy years together. Unfortunately, marital issues arise and are sometimes so severe that a divorce is in the future. Here is a list of five telltale signs your marriage may lead to divorce:

You Feel Put Down By Your Partner

In a healthy marriage, partners support one another and truly appreciate one another’s strengths. However, when a marriage is going downhill, one partner may constantly feel criticized and put down by their partner. Criticism is one of the major causes of divorce.

Your Partner Makes You Feel Lonely

Feelings of loneliness are dangerous in a marriage. They can lead to less affection or intimacy. If your partner makes you feel lonely, you may turn to a relative, friend, or co-worker to discuss your feelings as they seem to have more sympathy than your spouse.

You Are on Different Pages Financially

If you are a saver and your spouse is a spender, it can be difficult for a marriage to last. It is important for both spouses to have the same financial goals and be interested in living the same type of lifestyle. Being on different pages financially can eventually kill a marriage.

You Frequently Argue Over the Same Issue

If there is a certain issue that you and your spouse continuously argue over, you are likely in a cycle of conflict when you should be focused on problem solving. A therapist may help you find solutions to issues you cannot resolve as a couple.

You Are the Last to Know Important Information

Have you started to learn about important information regarding your spouse from his friends or family? If your partner no longer shares details about his career, personal hobbies, or other aspects of your life, there is likely a communication or emotional issue.

Your Marriage Has Minimal to No Intimacy

Intimacy is vital in a marriage as it can bring a couple close together. If you have noticed your marriage consists of minimal to no intimacy, your relationship may be diminishing.

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