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What If I Change My Mind About Getting a Divorce?

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DuPage County family law attorneyAll married couples have disagreements. In some cases, those disagreements lead one spouse to file for divorce. Most of the time, once someone initiates divorce proceedings, the marriage is effectively over and the divorce will go through. However, in some cases, the married couple reconciles and chooses to call off the divorce. Divorce proceedings can take over a year in some cases. While the divorce is pending, a married couple may elect to seek couples’ counseling in an effort to save their marriage. Sometimes these efforts succeed, and sometimes they do not. If you are uncertain about going through with the divorce, make sure to inform your attorney of any attempts at reconciliation. They may be able to “pause” divorce proceedings while you attempt to reconcile with your spouse.

What Happens If My Spouse and I Want to Try to Reconcile?

If one of you has already filed for divorce, but your divorce has not been finalized, there is a way to temporarily halt divorce proceedings. Illinois divorce courts keep what is called a reconciliation calendar. This is a good option if you are not sure whether you and your spouse will be able to resolve your differences and remain married, but you would like to try.

Putting a divorce on the reconciliation calendar pauses the proceedings without dismissing the case. During this time, you should seek couples’ counseling from a qualified provider. You and your spouse may also want to try living together again to determine whether you can happily live as a married couple.

If you find that reconciliation efforts are not working and you want to follow through with the divorce, you can pick up right where you left off in the divorce process. However, if you and your spouse would like to stay together after all, you can have your divorce action dismissed by mutual agreement.

However, before you and your spouse ask the court to dismiss the divorce petition, you should be absolutely certain that you do not want this divorce. If the court dismisses the action and you decide that you really do want to get divorced, you will have to start all over at square one.

It is not all that uncommon for a divorce to be mutually called off. People may file for divorce in the heat of the moment, only to change their minds and get back together when confronted with the realities of divorce. Whatever you decide, make sure that you are happy with your decision, as divorce cannot be easily undone.

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