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What to Do After a Boating Accident in Illinois

 Posted on April 09, 2024 in Personal Injury

IL injury lawyerIn Illinois, being so close to Lake Michigan means that many people own boats and go out on the water whenever they have the chance. Boating accidents are very common and can be extremely dangerous, but they often go unreported. Sometimes, if people on the boat were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident, they prefer not to report it so as to avoid any legal repercussions. Even if one of them gets seriously injured or the boat is significantly damaged, the people might agree to cover the costs amongst themselves rather than calling in the authorities and then revealing that they were engaged in illegal activity.

However, if the accident goes unreported, the injured party has no way of requiring the people responsible to cover all the costs that might otherwise be compensated in a personal injury case, including medical bills, emotional and physical therapy, and loss of income. If this has happened to you, you do not need to try to deal with this on your own. An experienced Naperville, IL personal injury lawyer can review your case and advise you on your legal options.

Common Causes of Boating Accidents

Thousands of boating accidents occur on a yearly basis. However, there are just a few common reasons attributed to the vast majority of them. These include:

  • Inexperienced boat operator: Unlike driving a car, there is very little regulation for operating recreational boats. When people purchase their own boat, they will likely invest more time in making sure they can operate it properly to avoid damaging it. When people rent a boat, that is less common. It is fairly easy to get into a boating accident when the person steering it has little or no experience doing so.
  • Distracted boat operator: People tend to go out on the water for fun and enjoyment. It is easy to be distracted when there is a party or generally festive mood around you.
  • Speeding: Going too fast can be extremely dangerous regardless of whether you are driving a car, steering a boat, or flying a plane, and when you crash into someone or something while drafting fast, the impact can be much more damaging.
  • Boating under the influence (BUI): When someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating a boat, they are much more prone to making mistakes that could cause serious injury or even death.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Bloomingdale, IL Boating Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a boating accident, it is important to hold whoever was at fault responsible for your related medical care and other costs. A qualified DuPage County, IIL personal injury lawyer can help. Call Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices at 630-932-9100 to schedule a free consultation.

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