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When Can Falling Cargo Lead to Truck Accident Injuries?

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Lombard, IL personal injury lawyerTruck accidents can be devastating. Due to their size and weight, 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks can inflict severe injuries in a collision. However, some truck accidents may also be related to the cargo a truck carries. When cargo falls from a truck onto the road or another vehicle, it can lead to dangerous accidents and serious injuries. People who have been injured by falling truck cargo can work with an attorney to pursue compensation from the parties who were responsible for an accident.

The Dangers of Falling Cargo

Falling cargo can create dangers on roads and highways. Large trucks carry heavy loads that are secured by straps, chains, or other restraints meant to keep items in place during transit. If these restraints fail, the cargo can shift or fall off a truck while it is in motion. There are rules that must be followed when securing cargo on commercial trucks, and failure to meet the proper standards can put drivers and passengers at risk of being injured in collisions.

There are several reasons that cargo may fall from a truck, including:

  1. Poorly secured loads: If the straps or ties used to secure the cargo are not fastened correctly or have not been maintained correctly, there is a risk that items will come loose and fall.

  2. Overloaded trucks: When trucks are loaded beyond their legal weight limits, this can put strain on the securing devices, making it more likely that restraints will break and items will fall.

  3. Lack of inspections: A truck should be inspected regularly to ensure that cargo will remain securely fastened within its bed or trailer. Failure to inspect restraints properly increases the chances of falling debris.

Falling cargo can cause hazards for drivers and pedestrians, including:

  • Road hazards: Objects falling from a moving truck can create obstacles in the road. Other drivers may not have enough time to react and avoid colliding with the fallen debris.

  • Vision obstructions: Large items falling onto a car can obstruct a driver's vision. Impaired visibility increases the risk of accidents.

  • Injuries: Falling cargo can cause severe harm or even fatalities when it strikes a vehicle or pedestrian. 

Liability in Truck Accidents Caused by Falling Cargo

Determining liability in truck accidents involving falling cargo can be complex. Multiple parties may be responsible, including:

  • The truck driver: If a truck driver did not properly secure their load or failed to perform regular inspections as required by state and federal regulations, they may be held liable for other people’s injuries or damages.

  • The trucking company: The employer of a negligent truck driver could also be liable for an accident caused by falling cargo if they failed to provide proper training, equipment, or supervision.

  • Cargo loading company: In some cases, third-party companies that load and secure cargo on commercial trucks may share liability if they failed to follow the proper procedures. This could include overloading a vehicle or failing to use the correct restraints.

Contact Our Lombard Truck Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured in a truck accident due to falling cargo, it is crucial that you receive legal help from a skilled personal injury attorney who understands the complex issues involved in these cases. At Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices, our DuPage County falling cargo injury lawyers have a great deal of experience handling truck accident claims, and we can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. To schedule a free consultation, contact us at 630-932-9100 today.

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