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DuPage County nursing home abuse lawyerResearch suggests that almost half of everyone who turns 65 after the year 1990 will live in a nursing home at some point before their death. Unfortunately, the research on the prevalence of nursing home abuse and neglect also suggests that these are very common, especially for older adults who have limitations on cognitive and physical functioning (such as Alzheimer’s disease or mobility issues).

If you have a loved one in an Illinois nursing home, it is especially important to be on the lookout for the following signs of abuse if he or she is highly dependent on staff for their daily needs. If you notice any of these apply to your loved one, contact an Illinois personal injury attorney right away.

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse comes in many forms, and it is important to be aware of the types of abuse that commonly occur in nursing homes. These include:


Illinois immigration attorneyJust two months after the Supreme Court authorized the Executive Branch’s authority to do so, the Biden administration made an announcement early last month that it would be ending an immigration policy that required individuals from Central and South America seeking asylum in the United States to stay in Mexico while their cases waited for a chance to be heard in court.

Moving forward, no further applicants will be enrolled in the so-called “Remain in Mexico” program and applicants will no longer have to go back to Mexico in between hearings. Officials stated that the policy imposes “unjustifiable” costs to both human rights, as well as limited border security resources.

What is the Policy for U.S. Asylum Seekers Now?

People seeking asylum in the United States come after being persecuted because of their political opinions, religious beliefs, race, nationality, or membership in social groups. Asylum seekers face real harm, including extrajudicial torture and killings in many high-risk areas. The United States recognizes that people sometimes need protection and offers that protection to legitimate victims of persecution or potential persecution.


Lombard divorce lawyerA divorce is often a time of serious contention between parents of underage children. Despite the parents’ history of disagreements and distrust, they must find a way to work together to co-parent their children after the divorce. Sometimes, parents can do this. Other times, it is simply not possible.

When parents cannot cooperate and negotiate a parenting plan themselves, a judge will intervene and make decisions for them. Parents may be understandably wary that a judge, who has no previous history with the family and is encountering each parent’s narrative for the first time, will be able to make decisions that are truly in a child’s best interests. In situations like this, it is important to understand the criteria Illinois judges are required to use as they collect information about families and try to determine an optimal outcome.

Does a Judge Have Full Discretion in Custody Cases?

If parents cannot create a parenting plan and the matter comes before a judge, the judge is the person with final say over the outcome of the case. Whether parents agree with a judge’s decisions or not, court-ordered parenting plans are legally binding. Unless a parent believes a judge misapplied the law or seriously misunderstood the facts, a decision cannot be appealed.


DuPage County personal injury lawyerImmediately after a serious car accident with injuries, it can be very difficult to think clearly. Your first priority has to be getting off the road and out of harm’s way. You may not yet feel the pain from your injuries due to the natural painkilling effects of adrenaline. Calling the police, getting medical care, exchanging insurance information, and contacting an attorney are all high priorities.

Another top-level priority in the immediate aftermath is making contact with bystanders who saw the accident so that they can corroborate your side of the story. Neutral eyewitnesses can provide very convincing testimony or statements that support your efforts to recover compensation. It is important to get contact information from anyone who saw the accident as soon as possible so that your lawyer can get in touch with them.

Approaching Bystanders Who Saw Your Crash

Not all eyewitnesses are happy to stick around and help out. There are a variety of reasons that passersby may not be interested in making a statement. They could be in a big rush that day and unwilling to stop. Or, they could have an arrest warrant and be more interested in getting out of there before the police arrive than they are in your claim. This is to be expected.


Lombard immigration lawyerHaving a family member who is a U.S. citizen, or in some cases, a lawful permanent resident, can provide you with a path to U.S. citizenship too. There are generally two main types of family-based visas. There are visas based on immediate family members, like a spouse or sometimes a parent or child, who is already a citizen. There are also what are called family preference categories that could allow you to obtain a visa based on the citizenship of even more relatives.

If you are eligible for a family preference visa, you will need to start by establishing the familial relationship with their help using Form I-130, a Petition for an Alien Relative. It is important to have an attorney local to the area your qualifying relative lives in helping you, as U.S. immigration law can be incredibly complex.

Family Preference Categories That Could Help You Immigrate

You will notice that most of these categories would be socially considered “immediate family members.” It is important to confirm whether the citizen family member who can sponsor you falls under the immediate family categories or family preference category, as the forms you need depend on this distinction. For immigration purposes, you may be eligible to obtain a family preference visa if you are related to a U.S. citizen as their:

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