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Lombard divorce attorneyYou might not love or want to be in a relationship with your spouse anymore, but you still love your furry, scaly, or feathery friends and want to keep them with you. Companion animals can be an excellent source of emotional support during difficult times. Many pet owners see their animal as a family member, however, courts in Illinois still see pets as property that you own. As such, pets are subject to the equitable division of property in a divorce action. Ideally, you and your spouse will be able to reach an agreement regarding pet custody. Otherwise, the court will make the decision that it feels is fair. While a pet is property, judges do understand that there can be a special bond between a human and a pet. An attorney may be able to help you put forth strong arguments regarding why you need your companion animal.

Reaching an Agreement About Pet Custody

There are a number of strategies divorcing spouses can use by agreement so that no one gets permanently separated from an animal they are bonded to. Some spouses who will be living reasonably close to each other choose to “take turns” with the pet, passing it back and forth on alternating weeks.

Those who also have (human) children may feel that the pet should stay with the children. Children may experience anxiety or sadness when they are separated from a beloved pet. Many divorced spouses choose to exchange custody of the pet when they exchange custody of the children. This strategy can also help provide children with a sense of stability.


Chicago deportation defense lawyerJust getting a visa application approved so that you can lawfully enter the United States can take a lot of hard work. You probably had to submit quite a bit of paperwork and prove all sorts of things. The last thing you want is to put all the effort into coming here legally only to find yourself getting deported. Deportation happens to thousands of people, many of whom were hoping to become citizens.

Knowing some of the most common reasons that people get deported and how to avoid trouble can be very helpful. If you find yourself facing potential deportation, there are steps an attorney can take to help you. It is important to respond very quickly, as deportation can happen quickly.

Avoiding Problems That Can Trigger Removal Proceedings

Even if you are not purposely doing anything wrong, deportation or removal from the U.S. can be based largely on a technicality. Common reasons that immigrants and visa holders can face deportation include:


How to Spot a Driver on Drugs

Posted on in Personal Injury

DuPage County personal injury lawyerAfter an accident involving a drunk driver, it is usually fairly obvious that they have been drinking. As soon as they exit their vehicle, you can smell alcohol on them. They are slurring their words and stumbling or falling over. You have probably been around drunk people before and know generally what to look for.

Spotting a driver who is intoxicated by a substance other than alcohol can be a little more difficult. There may not be any kind of noticeable odor. Unless you have spent considerable time around drug users, you might not have a very developed sense of what to look for. In some cases, even trained police officers can fail to notice that a driver is under the influence of drugs. Knowing the signs of drug intoxication can help you catch on quickly if your car accident was caused by an impaired driver.

Signs of Drug Intoxication

There are often signs of an intoxicated driver’s impairment if you know what to look for. The problem is that most people who do not have a drug user in their life do not know what the signs of drug impairment are. When the driver who just hit you steps out of the vehicle, look out for:


Naperville immigration lawyerA naturalization ceremony is the final step in the process of immigrating to the United States. At one of these ceremonies, people who were not born American citizens officially gain their citizenship. Once you become a citizen, you will be able to permanently reside in the United States in addition to gaining all the rights of a full-fledged citizen, like the power to vote. People who are going through this ceremony have put a lot of effort into reaching this point. It may take years from your first contact with UCSIS to receive final approval on your Application for Naturalization.

The day of the ceremony can be a very exciting and rewarding day for immigrants and their loved ones. Knowing what to expect can be helpful as well. If you are considering beginning the process of becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen, or are having some trouble along the way, Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices can help.

When Can I Participate in a Naturalization Ceremony?

Once your Application for Naturalization has been approved and you have completed a final interview, you may be eligible to participate in a naturalization ceremony right away. Same-day ceremonies are sometimes available but not always. These ceremonies take place all over the nation, and now that COVID restrictions have been eased, they are now taking place in person again.


DuPage County family law attorneyAll married couples have disagreements. In some cases, those disagreements lead one spouse to file for divorce. Most of the time, once someone initiates divorce proceedings, the marriage is effectively over and the divorce will go through. However, in some cases, the married couple reconciles and chooses to call off the divorce. Divorce proceedings can take over a year in some cases. While the divorce is pending, a married couple may elect to seek couples’ counseling in an effort to save their marriage. Sometimes these efforts succeed, and sometimes they do not. If you are uncertain about going through with the divorce, make sure to inform your attorney of any attempts at reconciliation. They may be able to “pause” divorce proceedings while you attempt to reconcile with your spouse.

What Happens If My Spouse and I Want to Try to Reconcile?

If one of you has already filed for divorce, but your divorce has not been finalized, there is a way to temporarily halt divorce proceedings. Illinois divorce courts keep what is called a reconciliation calendar. This is a good option if you are not sure whether you and your spouse will be able to resolve your differences and remain married, but you would like to try.

Putting a divorce on the reconciliation calendar pauses the proceedings without dismissing the case. During this time, you should seek couples’ counseling from a qualified provider. You and your spouse may also want to try living together again to determine whether you can happily live as a married couple.

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