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DuPage County trucking accident lawyerDriving an 18-wheeler takes focus and skill. It is critical that truck drivers are completely sober when working. Drugs and alcohol can impair the driver’s focus and coordination, making it impossible for them to safely drive a large vehicle. Substance use among truck drivers is more common than you might hope. The job can be demanding. Truck drivers are away from home for weeks at a time and often work long, monotonous, hours. Some resort to using substances to cope. Stimulants are a popular choice, as drivers may believe that they will help, rather than hurt, their driving ability. It is, of course, illegal for a truck driver to operate their rig while impaired. If you suspect that an impaired truck driver caused your accident, it is particularly important that you contact an attorney within a day or so of the accident and alert them of your suspicions.

Will the Truck Driver Be Drug or Alcohol Tested?

It depends. There are a number of rules set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association that pertain to drug and alcohol testing after a truck accident. If there was a fatality, the driver should be automatically tested. If the driver was given a citation for causing bodily injury that required urgent medical attention, then testing should also be automatic.

Commercial truck drivers can also be tested upon reasonable suspicion. This is a fairly low standard. If there is an articulable reason to think that the driver was under the influence, then the reasonable suspicion standard is likely met.


Lombard car crash attorneyGetting hurt in a car accident is going to cause a serious disruption to your life no matter what. The process of recovering damages can be annoying even when the at-fault driver stops and exchanges insurance information. However, if the driver who hit you took off without stopping, you may be wondering who on earth is going to pay for all your damages.

The good news is that there are multiple ways to recover compensation after a hit-and-run crash. You may be able to pursue compensation from more than one party. A lot will depend on the circumstances of your accident, your own insurance policy, and whether it is possible to identify the driver who caused the crash. You should strongly consider getting an attorney who can help you determine the best course of action, as recovering compensation after a hit-and-run can be complex.

Ways to Recover Compensation Following a Hit-and-Run

One of the difficulties associated with pursuing a hit-and-run claim is proving what happened. When there are two damaged vehicles stopped, the police can usually determine what happened fairly easily. When only one damaged vehicle is stopped, it can be difficult to prove that the crash was in fact caused by another driver.


trucking-accident-liability-truck.jpgAccidents caused by a negligent truck driver can be devastating. Personal vehicles offer little protection to their occupants during a collision with a much larger commercial truck. If you were hit by a careless semi-truck driver, odds are your injuries are fairly severe. You are likely to require intensive medical care after such an accident, and you may have missed a great deal of work. Settlements or awards related to truck accidents tend to be on the higher end. Unfortunately, this often means that truck drivers and the companies they work for will probably try very hard to avoid paying you the compensation you need and deserve. This makes objective evidence showing what actually happened during your truck accident extremely important. Multiple types of evidence may be needed to support your case.

The attorneys at Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices are skilled at conducting complete investigations to gather evidence of a truck driver’s negligence after a crash. The sooner you call us, the better we can help you.

What Types of Evidence Might be Useful After a Truck Accident?

No matter how truthful your account of the accident may be and how untruthful the truck driver’s is, your testimony alone is not likely to provide sufficient evidence to hold the trucker accountable in court. Your attorney will want to gather additional evidence showing that the truck driver was negligent, like:


Illinois ICE detention lawyerWhen you have a family member or dear friend who is undocumented, finding out that they have been taken into ICE custody can be terrifying. Trying to get someone out of an ICE detention center is nothing at all like trying to bail someone out of the county jail after a run-of-the-mill arrest. Helping an undocumented immigrant who is in ICE custody can be complicated. It is a much more involved process than posting bail. Finding a way to help your loved one remain in the country legally can require a lot of effort. The process may be long and complex. In many cases, you will need to enlist an experienced immigration attorney to help get your loved one out of ICE detention. Any legal mistakes could be deeply problematic, so you should avoid trying to do this without skilled legal assistance.

Steps to Take When Your Loved One is in ICE Custody

Helping someone who has been taken into custody by immigration enforcement can be an exercise in patience. COVID-related backlogs may mean that it takes quite some time before you can make meaningful progress towards rescuing your loved one. Steps that may help include:

  • Find them - For many, simply locating their loved one in ICE detention is half the battle. You may be able to locate them using ICE’s online detainee locator, but you may not. If you do not have their Alien Number on hand, you might need to try several different spellings or variations of their name.
  • Contact the deportation officer - Getting in contact with your loved one’s deportation officer may help. They may be able to tell you how to visit or send necessities to your loved one in a detention center. You may need to put money into your loved one’s account so that they can make phone calls or purchase items from commissary. However, you must be extremely careful about what you say or reveal to this officer. Remember that any information you provide could be used against your loved in a deportation hearing.
  • Get a lawyer - The smartest and kindest thing you can do for someone in ICE custody is to find them an immigration attorney. A lawyer who is experienced with this process may be able to help your loved one much more quickly and effectively.

Remember that time is of the essence. Deportations can happen very, very quickly. The sooner your loved one is represented by counsel the more likely they are to avoid this dreaded outcome.


Illinois family law attorneyMost spouses going through a divorce are able to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation through the use of methods like mediation, attorney-facilitated negotiation, or collaborative divorce. Alternative dispute resolution tends to work very well when the divorce is amicable, but it can also work for spouses who are not getting along. It is possible for spouses to settle their divorce out of court without even needing to be in the same room. These alternative routes to divorce have become popular because they can speed up the divorce process, save both parties money, and lessen the impact of any conflict for children of the marriage. However, there are times when these types of methods simply do not work. If you have any concerns about whether litigation might be necessary in your case, let your attorney know so they can plan accordingly.

3 Reasons Alternative Divorce Might Not Work for You

A lot of people are initially leery about whether an alternative path to divorce will work for them. These methods require both spouses to participate in good faith. You will need to consider whether your spouse is truly the type of person who cannot be reasoned with, or whether you are simply in conflict with them at this time. Even if there are a lot of hurt feelings involved, mediation or negotiation may still be workable options. However, your attorney may suggest that you not even attempt these methods in cases like:

  • Missing spouse - If your spouse simply walked out on you and you are not able to easily locate them, it is not likely that they will respond to your attempts to summon them for mediation. Do not worry - a judge can still grant you your divorce whether your spouse turns up or not.
  • Serious abuse - Abusers are not well-known for their ability to calmly sit down and reach a fair compromise. You may be better off planning to take them to court from the start. This may be especially true if your children are victims as well and your spouse insists on pursuing custody.
  • Addiction or mental illness - One spouse’s drug addiction, alcohol abuse, or mental illness often prompts the other to seek a divorce. It can be extraordinarily difficult to get someone who is frequently intoxicated or suffering from a severe mental illness to show up for mediation or respond to their attorney’s phone calls so that meaningful negotiations can take place.

It is important to discuss all your options with an experienced attorney.

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