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Lombard immigration lawyerHaving a family member who is a U.S. citizen, or in some cases, a lawful permanent resident, can provide you with a path to U.S. citizenship too. There are generally two main types of family-based visas. There are visas based on immediate family members, like a spouse or sometimes a parent or child, who is already a citizen. There are also what are called family preference categories that could allow you to obtain a visa based on the citizenship of even more relatives.

If you are eligible for a family preference visa, you will need to start by establishing the familial relationship with their help using Form I-130, a Petition for an Alien Relative. It is important to have an attorney local to the area your qualifying relative lives in helping you, as U.S. immigration law can be incredibly complex.

Family Preference Categories That Could Help You Immigrate

You will notice that most of these categories would be socially considered “immediate family members.” It is important to confirm whether the citizen family member who can sponsor you falls under the immediate family categories or family preference category, as the forms you need depend on this distinction. For immigration purposes, you may be eligible to obtain a family preference visa if you are related to a U.S. citizen as their:


The Importance of Self-Care in Divorce

Posted on in Family Law

DuPage County divorce attorneyGoing through a divorce can be emotionally challenging. Divorce can cause a number of personal difficulties. You may have to move out of the home you have shared with your spouse for a long time and adjust to a new place. Your children may be relying on you heavily for emotional support as they also attempt to adjust to a new way of family life.

Many people will face some degree of financial hardship, which can be intensely stressful. If you did not work outside the home for pay while you were married, you might even be struggling with trying to rejoin the workforce. It is important that you take care of yourself during this time as well. While your lawyer tackles the legal issues, you should be addressing your personal emotional needs.

Tips for Self-Care While Your Divorce is Pending

Divorce can send you on an emotional roller coaster. You will need to take extra care of your mental health, as it is very easy to become depressed or anxious during this time. Some tips for self-care during divorce include:


DuPage County car accident lawyerEveryone knows that car accident injuries can be life-altering. While some injuries, like minor concussions and broken bones, will eventually heal and allow you to return to your life, other injuries are permanent. A severe car accident can cause extreme injuries like traumatic brain damage and paralysis. Injuries like these can change the course of your life forever. You may suffer a loss of independence, needing to rely on health care workers or home health aides for daily care. You may never be able to return to your job. You may need help to perform your normal activities of daily living.

The impact of extreme car accident injuries goes above and beyond a few hospital bills and a week off work. If you suffered a severe injury in a car accident, our attorneys can help you fight to receive every dollar you are entitled to.

Types of Compensation You Could Recover

When your life has been permanently altered by someone’s decision to drive carelessly, you deserve to recover the full amount of compensation possible. Some categories of compensable costs include:


Illinois student visa lawyersInternational students are an integral part of higher education in America. Colleges are places where the exchange of culture and ideas is to be celebrated and encouraged. One of the best ways for students to expand their knowledge base and seek out unique perspectives is through study abroad. If you are interested in attending a college or university in the United States, you will need a student visa whether you will be here for a semester or for all four years of an undergraduate program. If it is a vocational or non-academic educational program you are interested in, you may also be eligible for a type of student visa. The whole process of obtaining a student visa can be a bit complex, and you will need to be sure that you are applying for the right type of visa. It is best to have an attorney’s help.

When Should a Student Use an F-Category Student Visa?

F-category student visas are the more common form of educational visa. You should use an F category visa if you will be attending a traditional college or university. Student visas in this category can also be used by younger exchange students who plan to attend high school or even middle or elementary school in the U.S.

Before applying, you should check to make sure that the educational program you will be enrolled in is a qualified program. Unaccredited colleges or other quasi-academic programs may not help you qualify for an F category student visa.


DuPage County relocation lawyerGetting a finalized divorce decree should be the start of your new life as a single adult. You likely want to enjoy some freedoms you did not have while you were married. Many divorced parents want to move out of the area they lived in during the marriage, and for a variety of reasons. You may have gotten a better job offer a few states away, or you could just want to return to your hometown to be near your family. Whatever your reasons for wanting or needing to move, you may need to clear it with the court before you can take your children with you. An attorney can help you determine whether you will need to return to the court to get permission to relocate with your children.

What If I Am Just Moving Across Town?

If you are a DuPage County resident and you are not moving further than 25 miles away from your children’s current home, then you will not need the court’s permission to move with your children. This distance is considered close enough that it will not interfere with the children’s ability to have a relationship with both parents.

The reason Illinois courts do not allow parents to simply pick up and move long distances is that doing so could interfere with the other parent’s right to parenting time. A very local move will not cause this harm. You will need only to provide the court with an updated address.

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