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Lombard, IL personal injury lawyerTruck accidents can be devastating. Due to their size and weight, 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks can inflict severe injuries in a collision. However, some truck accidents may also be related to the cargo a truck carries. When cargo falls from a truck onto the road or another vehicle, it can lead to dangerous accidents and serious injuries. People who have been injured by falling truck cargo can work with an attorney to pursue compensation from the parties who were responsible for an accident.

The Dangers of Falling Cargo

Falling cargo can create dangers on roads and highways. Large trucks carry heavy loads that are secured by straps, chains, or other restraints meant to keep items in place during transit. If these restraints fail, the cargo can shift or fall off a truck while it is in motion. There are rules that must be followed when securing cargo on commercial trucks, and failure to meet the proper standards can put drivers and passengers at risk of being injured in collisions.

There are several reasons that cargo may fall from a truck, including:


DuPage County immigration lawyerLeaving your home country and resettling in a new country can be a difficult process. You may struggle to adjust to life in the United States while working and supporting your family. To make matters worse, there are some situations where you may face deportation based on claims that you have violated immigration laws or remained in the United States illegally. As you look at your options for defending against deportation, you may want to consider whether voluntary departure would be the best choice for you. An immigration attorney can help you determine the best way to proceed.

What Is Voluntary Departure?

Voluntary departure may be an option if you are involved in removal proceedings. You may seek to leave the United States and return to your own country rather than being forced to leave by immigration officials. If your request for voluntary departure is granted, you will be able to leave the country on your own terms, although you will also be required to pay for your own travel expenses.

A request for voluntary departure can be made at the beginning of a deportation case or after a formal notice of removal is issued. In general, your request will be more likely to be granted if it is made at the beginning of your case. If you wait until after a deportation order is issued, receiving permission for voluntary departure may be more difficult.


shutterstock_1936673014-min_20230818-153803_1.jpgSharing parental duties with your ex-spouse after your divorce can be challenging, but even if the two of you do not get along, it is often best to put aside your differences and focus on working together to raise your children. When you and your ex-spouse are able to work together effectively as co-parents, you can create a stable and nurturing environment for your children to thrive in. Here are some valuable tips to help you navigate the journey of co-parenting after an Illinois divorce:

1. Prioritize Effective Communication

Good communication is crucial when it comes to co-parenting. If you struggle to be civil with your ex-spouse, you can work to keep conversations focused on your children's needs rather than discussing personal issues or past conflicts. Various communication methods, such as phone calls, email, or parenting apps, can be used to stay connected with each other regarding schedules, school events, medical information, and important decisions related to your kids.

2. Create a Detailed Parenting Plan

A well-thought-out parenting plan serves as a roadmap for your post-divorce co-parenting journey. Your parenting agreement should include specifics about child custody arrangements, parenting time schedules, holidays, vacations, extracurricular activities, and how you will make decisions about important issues related to your children’s health and welfare. Mediation may be a good way to negotiate the terms of your parenting plan and make decisions about other divorce-related issues. When you both are involved in these decisions, you can make sure your plan will provide for the unique needs of your family.


Bloomingdale Drunk Driving Accident AttorneysDrunk driving is a serious problem that continues to plague our roads. It poses a significant risk to everyone's safety. Despite the numerous campaigns informing people about the dangers of drunk driving and strict laws that impose harsh penalties for people who are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), drunk driving remains one of the leading causes of car accidents in Illinois.

The Effects of Alcohol Impairment

Alcohol can affect various critical skills that are necessary for safe driving. When consumed, alcohol affects a person's central nervous system, slowing down their brain function. This impairment results in:

  • Poor judgment: Alcohol reduces inhibitions and impairs decision-making abilities. Drunk drivers will be more likely to engage in reckless behavior while failing to consider the consequences of their actions.


DuPage County Asylum AttorneysThe U.S. government’s immigration policies have changed significantly in recent months. The administration of President Joe Biden has put measures in place that are meant to reduce illegal immigration and ensure that people who are seeking to enter the United States can do so in a safe, orderly fashion. While these policies have seemed to have positive effects, reducing the number of people who have attempted to enter the U.S. without authorization, they have also come under fire by advocates for human rights. These advocates recently scored a victory when a federal judge blocked a key provision in the Biden administration’s asylum policy.

Changes to Policies Affecting Eligibility for Asylum

Under the Biden administration’s policy, immigrants are encouraged to apply for asylum by scheduling an appointment with immigration officials through a smartphone app, and they must do so before attempting to enter the United States. To help ensure that people use the proper channels when applying for asylum, the administration has stated that anyone who enters the United States without authorization would become ineligible for asylum.

The judge struck down this provision of the policy, stating that it violated the immigration laws of the United States. Immigrants are allowed to request asylum regardless of how they enter the country, and these laws are meant to provide protection for people who are fleeing persecution or who may be at risk of harm if they were forced to return to their original countries. 

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