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Lombard immigration lawyerPeople who come to the United States may not have done so because they are looking for love, but they very often find it. When someone is in the United States legally, whether on a tourist visa, student visa, or work visa, they may find someone they want to spend their life with and decide to get married. When this happens, the visa holder and their spouse will need to go through an Adjustment of Status process to get the foreign spouse a Green Card.

Because getting married is one of the easier paths to getting a Green Card (and therefore citizenship), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is very sensitive to the potential for fraud in these cases. It is important, therefore, to have an immigration attorney who can help you carefully prepare your application and get ready for the notoriously difficult Marriage Green Card interview.

Preparing for a Marriage Green Card Interview

The interview itself is the last step in the initial Green Card application process. Before you schedule the interview, you will need to fill out a significant amount of paperwork, including proof that your relationship and marriage are legitimate. Such proof can include:


DuPage County divorce lawyerThe financial stresses of getting divorced are usually centered around property division, child support, and alimony. One other important part of divorce that should not be overlooked is health insurance coverage and what happens to a spouse who is covered by their partner’s insurance after the divorce is finalized.

Health insurance is vital, especially as the cost of medical care continues to rise. If you are considering divorce, you need to prepare yourself for the future by understanding your options regarding health insurance and whether you need to take steps now to find alternative coverage.

Spousal Health Insurance After Divorce

Insurance companies and employers allow couples to remain on each other’s insurance policies, even after divorce, because of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). This allows you to buy the same insurance coverage through the same company that insured you while you were married. Your spouse will still have to be insured at the time of the divorce, and they must notify their employer after the divorce is finalized so the insurance company can send you the information you need to manage your coverage. It is essential to manage insurance matters in a timely and detail-oriented manner because small mistakes can leave you without coverage.


DuPage County birth injury lawyerAlthough the vast majority of births are safe and do not involve serious complications, sometimes complex conditions present themselves and urgent treatment is required. In addition to being aware of a mother’s health risks, doctors and nursing staff must be properly trained on how to respond to difficult birth conditions so infants can get the best standard of care during delivery.

Unfortunately, this standard of care is not always met. Certain conditions can cause a critical bundle of nerves called the “brachial plexus” to become damaged, leading to other serious conditions like cereal palsy. If this happens to your child, it is important to speak with an Illinois birth injury attorney who can determine whether you may be able to seek compensation for your child’s injuries and suffering.

Brachial Plexus Injuries and Their Consequences

The nerves that constitute the brachial plexus originate in the spinal cord and travel down both sides of a child’s neck and shoulders. Brachial plexus nerves are responsible for helping the brain communicate with the arms and hands, allowing them to move and feel sensations like heat, pressure, and pain. Serious damage to the brachial plexus can cause:


Illinois immigration lawyerAlthough first-generation immigrants in the United States are consistently shown to commit crimes at lower rates than those who were born in American, immigrants face disproportionate risks from being convicted of a crime - up to, and including, deportation. Even immigrants with green cards can be deported for violating certain laws.

Not all criminal convictions trigger deportation proceedings, and it is important to know which crimes could get you deported. If you are not a U.S. citizen and you have been accused of a crime, or even if you are just being investigated for a crime, it is important to retain aggressive legal immigration and criminal defense representation from an experienced Illinois attorney.

Crimes of Moral Turpitude

“Turpitude” is a somewhat old-fashioned word that means “evil” or “wickedness.” American courts have defined crimes of moral turpitude as those which involve fraud, larceny, and the intent to harm people or things. For example, theft - taking someone else’s property with the intent to permanently deprive that person of it - is usually a crime of moral turpitude. So are assault, domestic violence, and many other crimes involving lying, cheating, or violence. However, some crimes of this nature are considered petty enough not to be classified as a crime of moral turpitude, such as shoplifting goods valued under a certain amount of money.


Illinois divorce lawyerYou may have been surprised when your spouse served you with divorce papers, but now it is time to take action. Regardless of how you feel about divorce - whether you want it or not - the way you respond to the initial divorce papers will have a major impact on how the rest of the process goes for you. Here are some steps to take if you need to respond to divorce papers in Illinois.

Take a Moment to Think it Through

It can be tempting to react right away to bad news by getting angry, calling your spouse, or responding to the divorce papers with hostile demands. Even if you think your spouse has been totally unreasonable, take a moment to think through the situation before you do anything else. Do not contact your spouse. Do not post about the situation on social media. Do not talk to your kids about it. It is essential to keep a level head and act from a place of rationality.

Find Out When You Need to Respond

The divorce papers will have a date on which you need to respond to the initial filing. This is usually 30 days from your receipt of the papers. You may choose not to respond, but that will not stop the divorce from going through; instead, without a response from you, your spouse will likely be granted the things they are asking for.

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