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Posted on in Family Law

b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-36.jpgOften times, couples cannot reach a complete agreement regarding their divorce but would like to avoid filing for a contested divorce. When this occurs, seeking mediation can help them reach an agreement and lessen the burden of the divorce process. 

Mediation involves a couple working with a neutral third party mediator to discuss and resolve divorce-related issues. If you and your spouse are unable to reach a divorce agreement, you should consider mediation in order to reap the following five benefits.

  1. Greater Privacy. By choosing mediation, you will be able to work out all of your divorce-related issues behind closed doors instead of in an open courtroom. If you would like to make sure your conversations and negotiations are private, seeking mediation is a good idea because anything that is said during mediation cannot be repeated in court. 
  2. Faster Resolution. With mediation, you can focus on reaching an agreement on matters related to parenting time and division of assets at a pace that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse decide on. You can schedule appointments with the mediator at times that are convenient for both of you rather than having to consider the judge’s calendar. 
  3. Improved Co-Parenting. Since mediation promotes cooperation and compromise, it can help you and your ex-spouse become better co-parents. In addition, mediation will allow for a less stressful divorce and give you both the opportunity to focus on the best interests of your children. 
  4. Lasting Decisions. Research has shown that couples who use divorce mediation to come to an agreement are more willing to honor their decisions than those who have to abide by court-mandated decisions. Working together to create an agreement for the future can also help spouses form a positive relationship that will improve their lives as well as the lives of their children after the divorce.
  5. Money Savings. Divorce can become expensive very quickly. The good news is that mediation can help a couple save money on their own court and attorney fees by expediting the process. If you opt for mediation, you can share the cost of it with your spouse.

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DuPage County divorce lawyerDivorce can be messy, full of anger and resentment, and emotionally trying on all involved. But children are especially prone to feeling like they are “caught in the middle.” This can lead to difficulties in emotional adjustment that may lead to a battery of issues, including depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, and difficulties at school. According to experts, parents may be able to prevent such maladjustments through attentive, supportive, and compassionate parenting.

The Need to Compete

Couples going through divorce experience a lot of emotions: grief, feelings of betrayal, anger, frustration. Those feelings, which are sometimes paired with a desire to “win” the divorce, can lead to feeling as though you have to compete for your child’s love or affection, that by expressing love or affection for the other parent, they are somehow discounting you. But nothing could be further from the truth. Your child loves both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse, which means their affection for one does not diminish their love for the other. So, when you feel the need to compete, remember that no one wins in the end: not you, not your ex, and certainly not your child.

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Chicago divorce attorney, social media can impact family, children’s best interests, Mevorah Law Offices LLC, social media and divorceWith the advent of social media, people have become comfortably used to sharing the intimate details of their lives. However, many forget that what gets posted online does not always stay online. Hence, there is a good chance that what a person says on Facebook could come back to haunt them in the courtroom. Below are examples of ways social media use may impact family law cases

Hidden Assets? Not Any More

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history of divorce, Illinois divorce lawyer, Illinois divorce attorneyDepending on whom you ask, divorce is both a modern contrivance and an ancient right. In Muslim and Jewish religious law, a divorce is fairly easy to acquire for the husband. If a wife wants a divorce, it is more difficult. However, in Western Civilization, dominated by Christianity in general and (at least in Europe) Roman Catholicism specifically, divorce was (and remains) forbidden. Since most of our law derives from England, why is divorce as prevalent in the US as it is? Why do nearly half of first marriages end in divorce in America?

According to an article written by Amanda Foreman and published in the latest issue of Smithsonian Magazine, women’s liberation gave rise to the notion of equitable divorce that is more freely available. But to state blankly that the perceived crisis in marriage is the fault of women is to misunderstand the history of divorce.

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 France expedited divorce IMAGEThe Social Affairs Minister of France is considering a plan whereby couples would not need to appear before a judge to obtain a divorce, the Associated Press reports. Dominique Bertinotti delivered a report to France’s Justice Minister that contained over 200 plans, including the expedited divorce plan. Bertinotti, in support of the plan, cited statistics that say 54 percent of French divorces are uncontested, and that the average hearing time for uncontested cases is eight minutes. Under the new plan, couples seeking an uncontested divorce could appear in front of a clerk of the court, rather than a judge. Said Bertinotti, “one couple in two will divorce. Do we have to make it more difficult?”

Some argue that this measure will weaken the institution of marriage. But while the “one couple in two” statistic may be true in France, it is arguably not in the US. In fact, divorce has been steadily declining since at least 2000.

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