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Naperville Divorce AttorneyA vast number of studies and a seemingly endless sea of family psychology experts assert that money is one of the biggest points of conflict in marriages, and it is often a root cause of divorce. Experts say that if you are not careful, financial difficulties throughout the course of your relationship can ultimately lead to the end of your marriage, and these difficulties have the power to severely divide a couple and bring forth residual waves of resentment that linger long after the marriage is over. 

Financial Troubles That Often Cause Divorce

A resounding opinion from many marriage experts is that the key is that spouses should assess and discuss each other’s attitude about money in the very beginning stages of a relationship, in order to prevent bigger problems down the road. For some couples, however, it is too late for that initial discussion, and they are forced to deal with the damage after it happens. Whether you are in the beginning stages of your marriage and wish to avoid money-related drama down the road or have been married for years and are just now realizing the major financial flaws in your relationship, chances are one of the following common financial areas is responsible for the conflict:

  • Wedding extravagance - Unless they have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on a wedding budget, it is likely that a couple will feel the sting (and pressure) of hefty wedding expenses. Couples who end up having money problems throughout their union often see signs of trouble at the very beginning, during their wedding planning stages. One spouse may choose to spend a large sum on the reception, while the other would prefer to spend that amount on a down payment on a new home as newlyweds. Differing views on the wedding budget can cause a major rift in a marriage, especially if there is a lack of communication, or one spouse has a disregard for the other partner’s concerns.

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DuPage County divorce lawyer retirement alimonyEvery divorce needs to be treated differently due to the individual circumstances in each case. However, there are some common elements that will typically need to be taken care of during the divorce process, including child custody, division of assets, and spousal maintenance (alimony). Maintenance consists of financial support that one spouse pays to the other to make sure they are able to support themselves after the divorce. If you are close to retirement age and are considering initiating divorce proceedings, you may be wondering what will happen if you are ordered to pay maintenance and decide to retire soon after.

Possible Outcomes

If you decide to retire and are still paying maintenance to your ex-spouse, there are a few different outcomes that could occur. Illinois law states that you may be able to receive a reduction or stoppage of your maintenance obligation if you are able to show that you have had a “substantial change in circumstances” making you unable to pay the maintenance. The decision to retire is often not enough for a judge to order a complete termination of maintenance payments, but it may be enough for a reduction of the amount of payments. The decision will depend on how severe the reduction in the payer’s income is after retirement. Retirement is not the only factor that a judge will look at to determine if the maintenance payments should be changed, but it does fall under the “substantial change in circumstances” umbrella. 

Termination of maintenance is usually only granted if the person being paid gets married again or if the retirement of the payor reduces their income to the point where any payments towards maintenance would cause them to fall under the poverty line. Usually, a change such as reduction or termination is not granted immediately. Instead, the payments may be reduced for a year, and then reduced further during another period of time, after which they may stop. This method lets everyone plan for the changes in income ahead of time and make the arrangements necessary to ensure that their ongoing needs will be met. 

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IL divorce lawyerMarried couples often disagree over aspects of their lives together, such as what movie they should see, their spending habits, or the details of how to raise their children. Currently, there is also evidence that political ideology is causing more divorces than before because of the shift in the political climate of the United States. A study done by Wakefield Research, a polling research firm, examined the effect political ideology has had on marriage since the 2016 presidential election.

Breakdown of the Results

Wakefield sent out a survey to couples to ask about the effect the political climate is having on their relationship. The data they received indicated that 11% of Americans have ended a romantic relationship because they disagreed with their significant other on political ideology. Millennials were even more likely to say they ended a relationship due to politics, with 22% of millennials responding say they ended a relationship due to political affiliation.

When asked about the current political landscape, 22% of the respondents to the survey stated they know a couple whose relationship has been strained due to the 2016 presidential election, including 35% of millennials who responded.

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DuPage County divorce lawyersIn divorce, the first legal step is to notify the other party (your spouse). Historically, this has been done in person, or by way of newspaper if the party could not be located. Yet, as newspapers are being perused less and less frequently, and the use of social media grows, some courts are considering the option of serving divorce papers via social media. Could this be the next big thing in divorce, or are we treading on dangerous waters?

Woman in New York Legally Serves Husband on Facebook

Last year, a woman in New York spent several years trying to track down her husband. She even hired a private eye. When her efforts failed, she turned to the court and asked if she could serve him divorce papers through Facebook. The court agreed, but with a catch.

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pet custody in Illinois, DuPage County divorce lawuerIn a divorce with children, family courts can help to settle parenting time disputes and will ultimately ensure that the child's best interest takes precedence. But pets – who are still considered property in divorce proceedings – are an entirely different story. Family courts do not get involved, and judges almost never take the emotional attachment that humans form with their pets into consideration. Unfortunately, this can make divorces with two very loving pet owners (or even one loving owner and one very angry, vindictive owner) rather messy.

Two-Thirds of U.S. Households Have a Family Pet

Over the last few decades, more and more couples have decided to put off having children. Others have decided to forgo child rearing entirely. But pets, who are often seen as children by their loving owners, can be found in nearly 80 million U.S. households. Those households are as varied as the pets that are in them, but a percentage of those pets may one day become a bargaining chip in a divorce.

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